When I was new in the things of the Holy Spirit, at the height of the Jesus People and the Charismatic Movements, I found myself hungering to be mentored by someone.

I was an absolute “no one from nowhere” but the hunger in my heart had no limitations.

So, I saved up the little money I had and bought a book by Derek Prince called Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting. This was followed by Andrew Murray’s classic book, With Christ in the School of Prayer, and then No Easy Road by Dick Eastman, which I read at least ten times.

These and many other books, along with my New American Standard Bible, were constant companions and my early mentors.

Knowledge Will Increase

With amazing detail, Daniel 12:4 describes a time from the past foretelling a time in the future. “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.

We are living in those days—the Days of Acceleration and the Convergence of the Ages—when Jesus serves the “Best at the Last.”

This increase of knowledge includes modern inventions and technological advances like the Guttenberg Press and the worldwide web, bringing knowledge to our fingertips as never before.

I believe God wants us to harness these new tools in order to equip, train and mentor the Great Harvest!

But all these tools would be useless without transferring and conveying the HEART and SPIRIT of what we truly long for.

If you are like me, you hunger to grow in intimacy with God, strengthen your prophetic gift and deepen your prayer life.

Mentoring with James Goll

That’s why I started my own program called Mentoring with James Goll.

I want to see you be mentored in a way that will change YOUR life!

Since January of 2018, I have had the privilege or mentoring over 1,000 people through the Mentoring with James Goll program.

Today there is a great increase in the operation of the revelatory gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the supernatural ways of God are being restored all over the earth.

God is raising up a generation of people who will do exploits and release His kingdom in every sphere of society.

It is my belief that we will soon see a GLOBAL COMMUNITY of Christ-followers who are empowered, equipped, and strategically connected for massive impact world-wide.

If you want to find yourself growing leaps and bounds in your walk with God, receiving more revelation, and applying the principles in every area of life, I encourage you to join Mentoring with James Goll.

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I look forward to sharing what I have learned with YOU—and pray that you will grow in the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in YOUR life over this next year!

I hope you will join me so that you can deepen your walk with God like never before!

Growing in the ways of God together!
James W. Goll

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Mentoring With James

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Mentoring with James Goll