Below is a list of books by James W. Goll that have been translated into various languages and where they can be obtained.

TitleLanguageForeign PublisherContact Information
A Radical FaithSpannishCharisma
A Radical FaithKoreanHPWM
A Radical FaithPortugueseVida Brazil
Angelic EncountersKoreanPure
Angelic EncountersSpanishCasa
Beginner’s Guide to Signs, Wonders, and the Supernatural LifeKoreanGospel
Dream LanguageKoreanPure
Dream LanguagePolish
Elijah’s RevolutionFrenchEditions
Elijah’s RevolutionIndonesianNafiri
Elijah’s RevolutionKoreanShekina
Empowered PrayerIndonesianCV Andi
Empowered WomenIndonesianPT Visi
Encounters With A Supernatural GodThaiRiver Publishing
Exodus CryFrenchEditions
Exodus CryIndonesianImanuel Publishing House
Father Forgive UsFrenchEditions Lumiere De La
Father Forgive UsRussianNew And Old PublishingThis company is closed
God EncountersPortugueseDanprewan
Kneeling On The PromisesChineseElim Christian
Kneeling On The
Kneeling On The PromisesIndonesianTunas
Kneeling On The PromisesKoreanChristian Publishing
Kneeling On The PromisesSpanishProducciones
Passionate PursuitBulgarianAvailable in Jan, 2020
Passionate PursuitChineseAvailable in Jan, 2020
Passionate PursuitIndonesianAvailable in Jan, 2020
Prayer StormKoreanWLI Korea
Praying For Israel’s DestinyKoreanShekina
Releasing Spiritual Gifts TodayBulgarianAvailable in Jan, 2020
Releasing Spiritual Gifts TodayCzechAvailable in Jan, 2020
Releasing Spiritual Gifts TodayPortugueseAvailable in Jan, 2020
Shifting Shadows Of Supernatural ExperiencesKoreanPure
The Beginner’s Guide To Hearing GodCzechVydavatelstvi
The Beginner’s Guide To Hearing GodKoreanShekina
The Call Of Elijah’s RevolutionSpanishDestiny
The Coming Israel AwakeningFinnishPatmos
The Coming Prophetic RevolutionFrenchEditions
The Coming Prophetic RevolutionGermanVerlag Gottfried
The Coming Prophetic RevolutionIndonesianTunas
The Coming Prophetic RevolutionKoreanPure
The Coming Prophetic RevolutionSpanishProducciones
The DiscernerChineseAvailable in Jan, 2020
The DiscernerCzechAvailable in Jan, 2020
The DiscernerKoreanAvailable in Jan, 2020
The DiscernerPolishAvailable in Jan, 2020
The Lost Art Of IntercessionBulgarianLife And
The Lost Art Of IntercessionChineseElim Christian
The Lost Art Of IntercessionFrenchEditions
The Lost Art Of IntercessionGermanVerlag Gottfried
The Lost Art Of IntercessionKoreanGrace Publishing
The Lost Art Of IntercessionPortugueseEditora
The Lost Art Of IntercessionRussianNew And Old PublishingThis company is closed
The Lost Art Of IntercessionSpanishDestiny
The Lost Art Of IntercessionThaiRiver Publishing
The Lost Art Of Practicing His PresenceChineseElim Christian
The Lost Art Of Practicing His
The Lost Art Of Practicing His PresenceSpanishDestiny
The ProphetHungarian
The ProphetKorean
The ProphetChinese Trad, simplified
The ProphetArabic
The ProphetDutch
The ProphetGerman
The ProphetFrench
The ProphetIndonesian
The ProphetNorwegian
The ProphetPolish
The ProphetBulgarian
The ProphetSwedish
The ProphetSpanish
The Prophetic IntercessorKoreanNew WineNo contact information available
The Prophetic IntercessorPortugueseDanprewan
The Prophetic IntercessorSpanishProducciones
The SeerBulgarianLife And
The SeerChinese (Traditional)Elim Christian
The SeerEstonianCharismata
The SeerIndonesianCV Andi
The SeerKoreanWLI Korea
The SeerPortugueseEditora
The SeerSpanishDestiny
Wasted On JesusAfrikaansChristian Literature
Wasted On JesusChinese (Traditional)Elim Christian
Wasted On
Wasted On JesusRussianNew And Old PublishingThis company is closed
Women On The FrontlinesFrenchEditions Lumiere De La
Women On The FrontlinesRussianCPS
Women On The FrontlinesThaiRiver Publishing