First Nations Outreach

As a core value of God Encounters Ministries, we practice a “Culture of Honor.” For our ministry, one biblical expression of this value comes through Honoring the Host or First Nation’s People.

As part of our regular contributions to various First Nations Ministries, we helped with onsite locational prayer ventures and participated in the National Day of Prayer for the Cherokee. We gave away hundreds of our Christian books and gave towards food distribution and education. Today, we invite you to join us in holding up the hands of two ministries we have partnered with for over a decade! GEM Missions donations in this Spring Quarter are designated for First Nation’s Outreach and will be equally distributed between these two trustworthy ministries: Marble City Food Pantry and The Red Road.

Marble City Food Pantry in Oklahoma with Clifton Pettit

A humble and trustworthy man of God, Pastor Clifton Pettit is a full-blood Cherokee pastor who lives in Marble City, Oklahoma. Our role of support involves raising funds for his community’s Marble City Food Pantry, which provides food and other necessities for their high-poverty area.  The Cherokee people constitute the majority of the population served by this ministry. God Encounters Ministries has been sowing prayer, food and financial aid to Clifton’s Cherokee community for well over a decade.

The Red Road with Charles and Siouxsan Robinson

Charles and Siouxsan Robinson founded The Red Road to empower and minister hope to Native American communities. They educate students and communities on the history and current condition of Native American culture. They minister the love of Jesus to the First Nations people through building relationships, meeting the practical needs of their Native people and working with them to break the cycles of addictions in individual lives.

Two of their current ongoing ministries reaching Native communities are Baskets of Hope and the Reservation Ministry. The Baskets of Hope partners with local tribal members, churches and ministries in native communities to assist individuals with the greatest need by hand-delivering a laundry basket filled with essential household items. The Reservation Ministry serves as a relational building opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ through enhancing the lives and culture of First Nations people.

James W. Goll – founder of God Encounters Ministries

Leon Hoover – Director of GEM Missions

Baskets of Hope Outreach

sponsored by Red Road Ministries

The Red Road will journey to reservations in South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Canada. They will deliver the Baskets of Hope to share the love of Jesus and the Hope that exists within Him.

Native Americans face many day-to-day challenges — including but not limited to — high rates of suicide, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual abuse, and poverty.

Despite this, there is a great HOPE ready to manifest Himself to the First Nations people.

This year, your gift of a basket can provide an opportunity for Charles and Siouxsan to pray with and encourage a First Nations family about a Savior who gives HOPE during hopeless moments. In your basket, a Bible and a Jesus Calling devotional is being placed along with a personal note from The Red Road.

Several years ago, while traveling on their yearly mission trip, Charles and Siouxsan Robinson, founders of The Red Road, established a tradition of filling laundry baskets with various “Daily Bread” items, such as food, clothing, toiletries, etc. as gifts to people on reservations, working through local churches, organizations, and local native people.

These are the Items that are included in each basket

Will Your Fill a Basket of Hope?

Our 2019 goal is to raise and deliver 130 BASKETS. You can help make that happen! Fill your basket** and simply contact Siouxsan at (615) 480-7353 to have it picked up. Or, you can make an online donation of $100 per basket and we will purchase one on your behalf.

Cherokee National flag

Mark Roye, James W. Goll and Clifton Pettit

James Goll and Clifton Pettit

James W. Goll and Clifon Pettit

James Goll and Jay Swallow

James Goll praying for First Nations elder, Jay Swallow