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Your Inner Warrior

Did you know if you are a “Born Again Believer in Christ Jesus” there is a warrior inside you? That’s right, you have an inner warrior. Sometimes you need to push pause. Sometimes you need to sit down and count the cost. There is a time to reevaluate. There is a time to get reequipped. But then there is also a time to reach inside yourself and say, “Hmm, I’m not a quitter!” And then guess what? You enter back into the arena—and allow the warrior to rise up on the inside of you! I am an observer. I am an observer of [...]

By |September 29th, 2022|

Believing for the Great Harvest

What is the Great Harvest ultimately about? It is God's great, deep love for all those whom He has created. It is about His desire that no one should perish, but that everyone should be saved and be restored to a passionate relationship of love and oneness with Christ Jesus. How can we offer God a love worthy of who He is? How can we partner with the Holy Spirit for an unprecedented harvest of souls? As Jeremiah 33:3 states,"Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”  This coming week, we are crossing over [...]

By |September 22nd, 2022|

3 Major Prophetic Flashpoints

As we prepare to cross over into a New Hebrew Year, I want to share with you three major prophetic flashpoints that were given to me in three sequential dreams in one night. For a moment, let’s peer into our lead scripture concerning open heavens. “After He was baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the spirit of God descending as a dove and settling on Him, and behold, a voice from the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:16–17 The Spirit didn’t just [...]

By |September 15th, 2022|

3 Keys to Open Heavens, Minds, and Doors

At least three keys are needed to open heavens, minds, and doors for revival breakthrough: Prayer and fasting God’s presence Prophetic revelation I believe each of these aspects can be demonstrated biblically and historically regarding the elements that precede revival. Let’s briefly look at all three elements. Key #1: Prayer and Fasting Prayer with fasting is a powerful key to making an opening for breakthrough. One of my favorite revival testimonies comes from the 1949–52 Hebrides Revival. The Hebrides is a set of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. Two sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith, eighty-four and eighty-two years old, respectively, [...]

By |September 1st, 2022|

God Has a Dream for You

God has a dream for you. Do you ask God questions at night? I often do (and I encourage you to do this too). Recently, I was going to sleep, and I prayed, God, do you have a dream? If You have a dream, would You like to share Your dream with me? And if You share Your dream with me, would You give me permission to share Your dream with others? I wasn't asking God If He had a dream about a certain city, a certain ministry, or a word for my life. I was asking God if He had a [...]

By |August 23rd, 2022|

Praise Precedes the Breakthrough

Praise precedes the breakthrough - but how? Jericho was a fortified city with no clear entrance. Remember? A strong city like no other! Joshua and his army did not know how to make entrance into the city. So what did they do? Their orders from their commander and chief were to march around the city as a victorious army; but they had to march around the city in a specific way - in silence. What? In silence? You can read about this historic destruction of the city of Jericho as found in Joshua 6. “You shall march around the city, all the [...]

By |August 18th, 2022|

Possessed by God

God wants to take possession of you and transform you into a vessel for His purposes. Are you ready to be possessed by God, allowing Him to consume you in and turn you into a fiery one for Him? To be possessed by God is to be completely taken by His glory, holiness, and love. This is a key element of revival breakthrough. Life is about God; it’s not about us. He is greater than our weaknesses, and He is greater than all our excuses. God wants to consume us with His love and power, but it is not our ability or [...]

By |August 16th, 2022|

Dream Big: How to Cultivate Divine Revelation While You Sleep

Do you have any dreams from God that you have allowed to fall by the wayside? For some of you, it’s time to dream again. For some of you, it’s time to dust off your previous dreams. For some of you, it's important to realize—God is not late, He’s always on time. For some of you, it's important to recognize there is a shelf-life date of expiration for every dream. For some of you, it's time to exercise your faith and believe once again. No matter which of these categories applies to you—it’s time to DREAM BIG! “God gave me another dream!” [...]

By |August 4th, 2022|

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