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Sacrifice Releases Supernatural Power: The Importance of Prayer and Fasting

Do you have a special time of fasting with prayer at the first of the New Year? Fasting is a sacrifice and invitation into a divine privilege to partner with the Holy Spirit into His purposes in our generation. The beginning of the year is emphasized, in many church circles, as a time to seek the Lord. And if is not then, perhaps you follow more of the liturgical church calendar in the time of Lent, which is a 40-day period that leads up to Resurrection Day or Easter. Or some follow the Hebrew Calendar of add fasting around the Jewish High Holy [...]

By |January 19th, 2023|

Word of the Lord for 2023 (ACPE): “The Year of Bountiful Blessings and Turmoil”

The Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders was convened 24 years ago under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner and steered by Cindy Jacobs of Generals International. For years, this council has met together to seek the face of God for a collective word of the Lord for the coming year(s) for the body of Christ, the United States, and the nations of the earth. This is one of many prophetic roundtables that exist. This relationally-based council joins the generations, represents various ethnic backgrounds and includes a wide diversity of those with a prophetic gifting: mature prophets, seers, prophetic intercessors, and men and [...]

By |January 10th, 2023|

It’s the Time of the Teeter Totter

As I have prayed into the year 2023 & beyond, the Holy Spirit has given me a recurring vision of a teeter totter going up and down. I asked the Holy Spirit what I was seeing, and He replied simply, “It’s the Time of the Teeter Totter.” We are in a time when things can flip one direction and then another very quickly. It is important to be grounded in the Word of God, or you could be thrown off balance. You must take advantage of specific windows of opportunity and apply the right pressure to turn things around. A crisis can [...]

By |January 5th, 2023|

Vision Is the Power That Sustains

God has a vision. A great harvest is coming! What is this harvest ultimately about? It is about God’s deep love for everyone He has created. It is about His desire that no one should perish but that everyone should be saved and be restored to a passionate relationship of love (and oneness) with Him. This has been God’s vision from the very beginning. Proverbs 29:18a “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” The Vision That Sustained Elisha Elisha, who succeeded Elijah in prophetic ministry, was a man of vision. Even as a young man, Elisha hungered for more of God, [...]

By |December 29th, 2022|

Warning! Three Monsters on the Loose (And Three Solutions for Breakthrough)!

Warning! Today I want to expose three monsters that are at work in our society, particularly attacking the younger generation—and propose three corresponding solutions. As I have prayed about these demonic gateways, the Holy Spirit has highlighted the phrase “three specific monsters on the loose” in my heart and in my mind. My words are specifically targeted to the United States, but the influence of these spirits is being seen around the world. It would also be correct to refer to these three monsters as ancient malevolent spirits. These demonic forces were active in years past but have seemingly gone dormant, only to [...]

By |December 15th, 2022|

Turning the Tables: Releasing Entrepreneurs

This week, the Holy Spirit’s voice has been whispering to me about the release of Holy Spirit entrepreneurs. This theme is a bit surprising to me, and yet very important for the times in which we are living. The Holy Spirit has taken me to a set of scriptures that I have prophesied and taught about for years. The theme verses come from Mark 11:15-17 (NKJV) where Jesus is cleansing the temple. “They came to Jerusalem. Then Jesus went into the temple and began to drive out those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money [...]

By |December 8th, 2022|

Full Armor of God

Do you put on the FULL armor of God? Did you know that sometimes when we are putting the armor of God, we don't always take the time put on all the armor of God? It's time for us to put on the full armor of God. At least I know I'm guilty of that. How about you? Ephesians 6:11 clearly states, "Put on the full armor of God" and then it gives us the reason or a purpose. Now I know this, I tend to be a purpose or motivated person. We all are.  If we see a purpose, then we [...]

By |November 17th, 2022|

10 Strategic Words for Open Heavens

Do you ever wish you could just apply a formula that would open the heavens over your life? While there is no formula, I want to share 10 strategic words that, when applied, will open the heavens over your mind, doors in your life, and ultimately lead to revival breakthrough. But first, I want you to consider a prophetic promise from Isaiah. Isaiah 9:2-3 "The people who walk in darkness will see a great light, and those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them." And the light will shine on them! Now, that is a powerful promise [...]

By |November 10th, 2022|

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