Leon and Paula Hoover

Leon has been the Executive Director of Harvest Time Encounters (HTE) since 2003. HTE is dedicated to help children (and adults) at risk in the USA, and abroad, to support existing organizations that rescue and rehabilitate child soldiers, sex slaves, and other at-risk children.

Solar Bibles


Are you looking for good soil to sow a seed of faith?


Solar powered Audio Bibles are good soil.

What began as a commemoration of the life of Michal Ann Goll has turned into a larger mission. God Encounters Ministries is raising funds to bring solar-powered audio Bibles to the remote areas of the world.

These Solar Bibles are to be given to leaders of churches and ministries where Harvest Time Encounters with Leon Hoover, and Iris Ministries with Heidi Baker have an ongoing presence and strong community relationships.

Leon, and his wife Paula, have been long time partners with God Encounters Ministries and Compassion Acts – Michal Ann Goll’s ministry to the poor. With Leon’s partnership, we are able to get hundreds – even thousands – of solar powered bibles into the hands of new believers worldwide.

Michal Ann Goll
Michal Ann and Heidi Baker
Michal Ann Goll

TORCH Solar Audio Bibles


by: Leon Hoover

When I delivered the first solar powered audio Bibles to Mozambique, Heidi Baker later said, “It is the best evangelistic tool I have ever seen. The people were kissing them and jumping with joy.”

Last November, in a small town in South Africa, we heard of an older Christian woman whose eyesight had failed; she could no longer read her Bible. Sometimes, God heals by restoring; this time He provided a Torch to light her way. The Torch, a solar powered audio Bible, had her heart language, Zulu, loaded in its memory. I cannot begin to convey the joy that filled that little home when we pressed “play.” There were tears and laughter and praises all around as she clutched the Torch listening to the Word of God in her own language. She could not stop expressing her gratitude to us and to the Lord. How precious is His Word. It does go forth!

Solar powered Audio Bibles are good soil.

Beginning in April, on another part of the African continent, to the West of Addis Abba, Ethiopia, Arise Global will launch a 9 month Mission/Bible school in April. 30 pastors who live among and serve communities in remote rural areas will attend. Upon their successful completion of the school, the graduates will receive a solar powered device aptly named, the Torch. It is an Audio Bible/Flashlight/Phone charger. This device from our friends at Renew World Outreach will have the audio Bible in Amharic and Oromo, two of the major languages of Ethiopia. Many can’t access God’s Word because of oppression, illiteracy, and limited electricity and internet. Our friends at Renew World Outreach develop solar powered audio/visual equipment to help reach people in their heart language.

God Encounters Ministries is partnering with Harvest Time Encounters to deliver these graduation gifts to Arise Global.

Is it time for you to sow seed in good soil?

GEM’s 1st Quarter Emphasis in Giving is open for you to purchase one or more solar powered audio Bibles for these pastors and leaders. There will be approximately 30 students. It is our goal to give one to each student, plus an additional 10 for each student that they can give away and sew into their communities. If we can provide more, we can put each Torch into the hands of a believer who will share the Sound of His Voice.

Solar powered Audio Bibles are good soil.

The funds to purchase the Bibles will need to go to Renew World Outreach by the end of April. 350 Torch Bibles will cost $16,790 plus roughly $500 for Customs, and $1,000 for travel costs. Making the total costs $18,290. I plan to deliver these on one of my trips to the school later in May or June.

Papyrus Solar Bible

In Loving Memory of Michal Ann Goll

“It is not the length of Years one Lives, It is the Depth of Their Impact.”  Statement made by James W. Goll

With this in mind, this one-of-a-kind lady, touched everyone she ever met and left a sweet aroma of Christ that is lasting to this day.

Celebrate with Us a Life Well-Lived by Giving a Donation of Honor to our Solar Bible Project.

James W. Goll and Family and God Encounters Ministries