Greetings in the Great Name of Jesus!

In this challenging season, our community faces significant revelations of sin among its leaders. We must answer the difficult question, “How should we respond?” My prophetic and prayer podcasts and articles often build one upon another. Recent themes have been on “Cleansing the River of God” to the “APCE Statement Regarding Recent Exposures of Sin”. My recent podcast focuses on “Exposing and Confessing the Sin of our Day,” drawing from Luke 23:34, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

 A Psalm Revival 

I have recently been declaring that we will have a Psalm 24 Revival. “Who can ascend to the Hill of the Lord? He who has clean hands and pure heart.” Ascension occurs when we have clean hands and a pure heart. Clean hands, external works, are a result of a deep internal work of the Holy Spirit. Ascending happens step by step into the greater light. Remember, I have said for years, “New levels of light exposes old levels old darkness.” Could this be part of what is happening in our day? We are in the beginning stages of an authentic Psalm 24 Revival! 

Exposure • Conviction • Confession • Forgiveness • Recovery • Restoration • Ascension 

Now the unpopular word of Repentance must come in here some where. Repentance is the act of turning away from sin and turning toward the redeemer. It is the entirety of these steps mentioned above!

In my book Revival Breakthrough, I have stated the following. “Are you getting the idea? Now in identificational repentance and identificational intercession are not terms we say but realities we put into practice. They refer to a process by which we come to truly indemnify with people and strive to reach them through the compassionate heart of God.” 

“Let’s build on this greatly needed revelation of identification, realizing that we must clear out the debris and remove obstacles, getting them out of the way so God’s people may be free to serve Him and heal the world around them. “ (Quote from Revival Breakthrough on page 51.) 

As Follower of Jesus

As disciples and followers of Jesus in our day, we must step into this impasse as agents of healing. Within our ranks are representatives and ambassadors of every category of mankind, tribe, and tongue. Trembling in our heavenly Father’s presence, we see clearly the sin of the body of Christ and have no inclination to cover things up. 

The old gospel song goes, “It’s me, It’s me O Lord, standing in the need of Prayer!” That is the kind of revelation, and the heart behind the words, that is required today. It’s not just the megachurch pastors in Dallas, Texas. It’s not just the Youth Pastors in the SBC Movement. It’s not just a prominent Prayer Leader in Kansas City! It’s us, O Lord! It’s me, O Lord, bowing in the need of prayer!

Thus we are called to live out the biblical practice of ambassadorial prayer as we confess our sins as a form of identificational repentance, a neglected truth that opens the flood gates of revival and brings healing to the nations. 

I urge you to join me in prayers and contrition. Let us welcome the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen and Amen!

Blessings to Each of You,

– James W. Goll