Below are recent revelations I received for the U.S., Persia/Iran, Peru and Venezuela. Please read through and let’s pray through these to thwart what the enemy wants to do to bring division in the nations.

Hate Speech Spreading to Violence

At the first of the year, part of my word was about a period of time called “The Great Divide.” It deals with extreme polarization and hate speech spreading to violence. The remedy was a “Culture of Honor” (see Rom. 12:10). Honor would be the only thing that could heal the escalating spread of hate and violence.

I saw this in Washington, D.C., as well, and I saw this in “Persia”—an escalation of hate speech spreading to violence. I have seen some acts of extremism that could paralyze the capital and the government, and disrupt the election process. (Note: prophetic revelation like this can be stopped or lessened by repentance and a cry for mercy. See Amos 7.)

Church Movement in Iran