Blowing the Roof Off the House

Have you ever reached a desperation point in which you said, “I don’t care what it takes, I’ll do whatever is needed to get a breakthrough!” In Mark 2:1-5, four friends were looking for a breakthrough when they brought their paralyzed friend to Jesus. The house was so full that they couldn’t get in. That’s when they reached a desperation point.

Rather than giving up and going home, these men had a divine moment of inspiration, “Let’s blow the roof off the house!” So, they literally removed the ceiling and lowered their friend to Jesus. Moments later, their friend received his breakthrough and was totally healed.

This story is a remarkable parable for our day. It’s time to blow the roof off our old mindsets and limited thinking, believing the Lord for extraordinary works of grace.

Let’s look at this Scripture now together in Mark 2:1-5. As you do, ask the Holy Spirit to bring personal application to your life.