Michal Ann Goll was a gentle fierce warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ growing up in rural MO with 3 older brothers and parents who loved God and worked hard. Her Bible was her best friend in growing up as she never missed a day devotionally reading the truths of God’s word. She came to faith at an early age and walked with Jesus all the days of her life. Perhaps it is not the length of your days but the depth of your impact that you leave behind. If that is the case, Michal Ann finished well.

Jim and Ann were married on May 15, 1976 in Warrensburg, MO and brought forth 4 miracle children from their union: Justin, GraceAnn, Tyler and Rachel. All four of the children are all married today, in their twenties and walking with the Lord.  James and Michal Ann were married for 32 fruitful years of life and ministry co-founding Encounters Network – a ministry to the nations. Together they started the Women on the Frontlines Conferences, traveled the nations, led in intercession and did exploits for Jesus.

Compassion Acts first began as a good intention, and a well planned idea – like most good ideas. However, what made the difference was the woman behind the thought, Michal Ann Goll. After she spent months in prayer, seeking clarity on the direction for her ideas, she began networking with friends, and friends of friends. Through these connections and strong convictions, Compassion Acts was birthed in 2004 as a ministry and humanitarian aid organization to provide help for those in need.

Michal Ann was the founder of Compassion Acts, and affected thousands of individuals. However, Michal Ann passed away the morning of September 15th, 2008 after a 5 year battle with colon cancer. Even though she is no longer with us today, we still carry on the heart and soul of Compassion Acts in her stead with Mark Roye at the lead. Today, Compassion Acts operates in a pursuit of justice, disaster relief and humanitarian aid work in response to Michal Ann’s personal charge found in her last will and testament:

“It has been my goal and desire to love the Lord with all my heart all the days of my life. My desire is to leave with my family, friends and ministry partners a challenge to always love and honor God with all your life. I request that you not forget the poor that Jesus died for and that you carry on my ministry of Compassion Acts to the world.”

Michal Ann Goll – Hand Written Will on February 4, 2008

It has now been over 5 years since this pioneering Woman on the Frontlines passed from this world to the eternal kingdom of heaven. She is greatly missed but her legacy lives on. Today we give tribute for a life laid down, that a shadow of Christ that has fallen and a work continues in the nations. Her children rise up and call her Blessed.