On Sunday morning, September 1st, while asleep in my home in Franklin, Tennessee, I was given a short dream that carried weight in the spirit. A Warrior Angel came and stood at the end of my bed and spoke to me. This messenger angel was one I had seen 25 years before, but not since. The angel declared, “ATTENTION!”

I had suddenly woken up to see the Warrior Angel looking straight at me and he spoke, “Be on the alert!” Then suddenly he took off. The bedroom was charged with an intense presence of the “fear of the Lord” and I was left once again to mount of the walls of crisis intervention.

Syria is a boiling pot that could spill over into the entire Middle East. Seven million people are already displaced with two million finding refuge in Jordon alone. But things could spiral out of control and bring instability into Turkey, Lebanon, Jordon, Israel, Yemen, Egypt and other countries.  We must be on the alert and pray!

A Report from the USRPN from Cindy Jacobs

This week we have had major meetings with Chuck Pierce, Peter Wagner, our USRPN leadership, and other world leaders to discuss what the Lord is saying at this critical point in our nation and world.

The Middle East is in the most volatile and dangerous position in decades. Egypt teeters on the brink of civil war, Iraq is still wracked with violence – and the fighting in Syria threatens to drag the entire region (as well as a nuclear Iran, China, Russia and the US) into a chaotic war, most likely resulting in Israel being attacked.  However, we firmly believe that these things do not have to happen, and they can be averted through prayer!

Awakened by an Angel

James Goll has prophesied in the past that the real threat was going to be Syria, not Iran.
James, who joined one of our meetings via conference call, also shared how he was awakened by an angel with the words, “Attention! Be on the alert!”

This is a very sobering encounter. The meaning is clear: the Lord is supernaturally rousing intercessors and watchmen from their sleep and giving them the charge to fulfill their calling to stand alert and serve as “early warning systems” in the spirit.

Here is some corresponding prophetic insight that has been given recently:

  • We shared an urgency to pray for the protection of our Capitol building and all of Washington, DC.
  • We urged our state leaders to call their states to focused prayer over ports and naval bases, including Annapolis, and the eastern gate of the US.
  • We all felt the need to pray for “unfiltered intelligence” to get to the CIA, and other governmental agencies.
  • Chuck Pierce prophesied that this Hebraic New Year will be a year of “open doors” of opportunity though there will be many adversaries. This is tied to1Cor 16:9, that an effectual door of ministry was now open to us. We also need to “start setting all our doors in order in this New Year.” Camels are gathering everything lost in captivity. God is bridging our past to help us enter our future; it is the end of one season, expect something new. Days of Restoration are coming!

Prayer Targets

As one looks at the prophetic words that came out of these meetings, it is clear that we are in need of better “intelligence,” greater clarity, and the need for those who stand guard over our nation to be awake and alert. This is not a time to be asleep, confused or distracted!

Please agree with us in prayer and continue to decree a supernatural watchman anointing over our intelligence community, border agents, customs, the coast guard, the military, and police, in particular for those who stand guard over our ports along the eastern seaboard. In addition to this, please pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and that war would be averted in the Arab world.

Thank you for praying with us for the nation, for Israel, and for the Middle East!

Mike and Cindy Jacobs
Generals International