22 Feb, 2021

Treasures from GEM: Raising Up Warriors of Hope in our Nation’s Prisons

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"Freely We Have Received—Now Freely We GIVE" The Lord has called us at God Encounters Ministries to be good stewards of the riches and treasures He has given us. In fact, two years ago, you helped us establish a new expression of GEM Missions, "Treasures from GEM." Together, we gave away HUNDREDS of books and discipleship materials to prison ministries, funeral homes for grieving families, parental care ministries, homeless ministries, various outreaches and so much more. The Holy Spirit has laid it on our heart to do it again! Warriors of Hope Arise! We want to do our part in raising up Warriors of Hope [...]

27 Jul, 2020

GEM Missions – Emergency Relief

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The Revival of Kindness – Where Every Sacrifice Counts When you hear the voice of the Lord, you always tend to think the message is for right then; and it is. And then time slips by and you recall to your mind (see Lamentations ) the words of yesterday and you realize that they carry even greater weight today. So is the case with this short word I am going to deliver to you. It is so true, that I will never forget the morning when the dove of God came gently to [...]

30 Jul, 2019

Treasures from GEM

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Have you ever been on a Treasure Hunt?  Clues are left along and the way that lead to other clues that eventually leads to the prize? What fun!  Today, innovative believer’s have turned that old game into a prophetic exercise where each one shares the impressions they are receiving from the Holy Spirit and they go out as a team looking for Treasures! I love it! It is an amazing team sport! It takes a Team. In Nashville and beyond, we often state, “We are better together!”  It is so true and I need your help right now!  I have [...]

11 Jun, 2019

First Nations Outreach

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This summer, our GEM Missions mission focus is on our friends Charles and Siouxsan Robinson, founders The Red Road. They have ministered to the First Nations Peoples throughout the U.S. and Canada for many years. This year they are visiting a number of reservations to minister to the poorest of the people. We want to help them bring the hope in Christ by blessing these precious people with the necessities of everyday life. We invite you to join with us in this opturnity to bless the First Nations Peoples. Mark Roye Director of GEM Missions James W. Goll Founder [...]

25 Sep, 2018

GEM Missions Launches Solar Bible Project

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In Honor of Michal Ann Goll Papyrus Solar Powered Audio Bibles The durable Papyrus Solar Audio Player is small enough to fit in the hand and powerful enough to be heard by up to 200 listeners at a time! The built-in solar panel ensures the audio Bible may be heard by the most remote people groups of the world. It plays for 5 hours on full volume and about 14 hours on mid volume. Its two memory sources can hold both an audio Bible and customized recordings by the field worker. For access to restricted nations, benign music may [...]

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