“Freely We Have Received—Now Freely We GIVE”

The Lord has called us at God Encounters Ministries to be good stewards of the riches and treasures He has given us. In fact, two years ago, you helped us establish a new expression of GEM Missions, “Treasures from GEM.”

Gems from GEMTogether, we gave away HUNDREDS of books and discipleship materials to prison ministries, funeral homes for grieving families, parental care ministries, homeless ministries, various outreaches and so much more. The Holy Spirit has laid it on our heart to do it again!

Warriors of Hope Arise!

We want to do our part in raising up Warriors of Hope to be Beacons of Light in dark places. Yes, we are sending hope into our prison systems and to individual prisoners one at a time with our Treasures from GEM.

We want to give our resources to inmates in prison requesting resources, homeless ministries, prison ministries, various outreaches, and other places of need. We want to share the message of the HOPE of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you do this with us?

Did you know we regularly receive letters from inmates across the nation hungry to learn more and be discipled for Christ? Do you want to help us bring hope into prisons? Will you help us disciple and equip those living in prison within the United States?

We want to raise up Warriors of Hope in prisons across our nation. Our average cost to send resources to an inmate is ten dollars. So, for every donation of $10, you can help us reach a man or woman who is incarcerated and provide them with valuable teaching resources. You can help us send a Hope Package that could contain a variety of different inspiring tools, such as:

  • Praying with God's HeartA Book on Prayer
  • A Resource on Hope
  • The Passion Translation Bible
  • A Book on Starting a Revival
  • Tools for Living a Supernatural Life

What if 1,000 people sent in a gift of $10 to GEM Missions designated for Treasures from GEM? Imagine how much damage 10,000 gifts of $10 would do to the kingdom of darkness! All things are possible to those who Pray, Act, and Give!

Testimonies of Changed Lives

For years, we have been mailing books and teaching materials to individuals requesting our help so that they can grow in their walk with the Lord and minister to other inmates in prison. The Lord is raising up believers within prison who now see it as their mission field! Let’s help equip these men and women of God!

One male inmate who wrote to us shared that he had found Jesus several years earlier during his life sentence in prison. And even though he was incarcerated, he had never been so free because the SON had set him free! He wrote asking for materials to share with others as he witnessed to them in his assigned “mission field.” He mentioned that he would be up for the possibility of parole in a couple of years, but he really didn’t care if it was granted or not. He was content to testify about the goodness of the Lord wherever HE chose to place Him. Wow! Do you feel how powerful that is? This man has the HOPE of God and he is spreading it to the other inmates in prison!

Another male inmate wrote that after reading James’ book, The Coming Prophetic Revolution, it had ignited within him the passion to speak LIFE—and prophecy LIFE—to everyone who crossed his path each and every day!

One female inmate, Brandy, wrote us a request for materials for a group of eight women that were praying and studying together. The Lord is raising up discipleship groups in prison led by inmates! This is AMAZING! Brandy gave the name of each woman in that group and shared how God had gifted each lady in specific areas. She wanted to help us better decide what materials to send them that would be most beneficial for each woman’s spiritual growth. Brandy wasn’t just asking for herself—she was asking for her friends who were growing in the Lord, so they could be equipped! What a beautiful pastor & teacher heart!

Treasure Chest Full of GEMS 

We want to do more and we want to partner with you in this mission to reach those in prison with the hope of God’s Word! I have a Treasure Chest full of GEMS that that Holy Spirit has given to me through the years. I want to bless and freely give what the Lord has given me. I am asking for your help to give away some of my best teaching and equipping books and materials that I have accumulated.

Be encouraged a call to compassionby this one last testimony from one of the inmates in a California prison who was bless by the Gemstones you helped us give previously!

“Thank you for sending me the book titled, Women on the Frontlines: A Call to Compassion. I’m enjoying it and it inspires me to continue to give my all for Jesus and His Kingdom come!”   

Will You Partner With Us?

Will you partner with us to share the rich treasures we have with others? In this time of great uncertainty in the world, we want to help anchor men and women in the Word of God and equip them to stand strong. Yes, the Lord is raising up men and women in prisons with pastoral hearts for those around them! My heart for this ministry is to resource the body of Christ.

Would you join us in our mission to put these Treasures from GEM into the hands of men and women who need them? Donate at godencounters.com and select the “Treasures from GEM” tab when making your donation. Freely we have received, now freely we GIVE!

Blessings to Each One of You!
James W. Goll and the God Encounters Team