In Honor of Michal Ann Goll

Papyrus Solar Powered Audio Bibles

The durable Papyrus Solar Audio Player is small enough to fit in the hand and powerful enough to be heard by up to 200 listeners at a time! The built-in solar panel ensures the audio Bible may be heard by the most remote people groups of the world. It plays for 5 hours on full volume and about 14 hours on mid volume. Its two memory sources can hold both an audio Bible and customized recordings by the field worker. For access to restricted nations, benign music may be loaded internally while the tiny, discreet SD card stores sensitive content. All field worker needs is a computer and our specialized USB cable to upload your content anytime, anywhere.

Bibles will be distributed to community members who are at-risk for human trafficking and child exploitation by the pastoral network of Freedom’s Promise!  Freedom’s Promise along with Cambodian Care, Kone-Kmeng, Bridge of Hope Kampuchea, and LOHI Legacy will join together to prayerfully gift these solar Bibles, providing a much desired and requested opportunity for the Gospel to have a stronger presence in these spiritually dark areas.  The solar Bibles will also be used for the planting of new churches through network partners since many community members are illiterate.

Donations are designated for Solar Bibles to be given to leaders of churches and ministries in Cambodia where Freedom’s Promise/Compassion Acts have an on going presence and strong community relationships.

Following is a short report we received on Friday, Sept, 21, From Tiffany Atkinson, and Mark Roye of Freedoms Promise & Compassion Acts.

Tiffany and Mark

“We’ve just returned from a wonderful trip to Cambodia.  Honestly, it was one of the most incredible Kingdom building outreaches I’ve ever been a part of!!  The Harvest is truly here!”

‘I was able to disperse the 10 Bibles between 5 of our Cambodian pastors to review, practice using, and provide feedback.  They were the perfect type!!  As this fundraising initiative progresses, we would love to have more as we are able.”
Tiffany Atkinson & Mark Roye

In commemoration of the life and work of Michal Ann Goll, God Encounters Ministries is raising funds to bring solar-powered hand-held audio Bible to the remote areas of Cambodia.

These powerful Solar Bibles to be given to leaders of churches and ministries in Cambodia where Freedom’s Promise/Compassion Acts have an ongoing presence and strong community relationships.

In Honor of Michal Ann Goll

Michal Ann Goll

Commemorating Ten Years in Heaven

September 15, 2008 – September 15, 2018

“And to my Family, Friends and Ministry Partners, I ask that you remember the poor for whom Jesus died, and that you carry on my ministry, Compassion Acts, worldwide.”

Help Us Raise a Memorial Offering of $10,000 for the 10 Years Departed.