16 Aug, 2022

Possessed by God

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God wants to take possession of you and transform you into a vessel for His purposes. Are you ready to be possessed by God, allowing Him to consume you in and turn you into a fiery one for Him? To be possessed by God is to be completely taken by His glory, holiness, and love. This is a key element of revival breakthrough. Life is about God; it’s not about us. He is greater than our weaknesses, and He is greater than all our excuses. God wants to consume us with His love and power, but it is not [...]

21 Jan, 2021

Holy Spirit, You Are Welcome Here!

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It is vital to welcome the Holy Spirit into your every day life! He is the One who connects us to heaven. Without Him, not even Jesus could have known what the Father wanted Him to say or to do. (See John 5:19.) Oh, how I love the Holy Spirit! He makes Jesus real! He makes the Father enjoyable! I roll out the red carpet to this precious Dove of God every day. I say, “Holy Spirit, You are welcome here!”  In fact, pause, and declare this right now along with me. “Holy Spirit, You are so desperately needed [...]

28 Mar, 2019

Prayer, Fire and Incense: What Goes Up Must Come Down

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In January 1993, I traveled to the Czech Republic with a group of intercessors to join the believers there in “christening” their new nation to the Lord. While standing on the platform before Don Drapal’s Christian Fellowship of Prague, a series of words seemed to fall into my mind. “Have you considered the multidirectional dimension of prayer?” This sentence captured my attention, but I did not have time to ponder it, as it was time for me to deliver my next statement. Then the words, “Remember, what goes up must come down!” burst into my conscience. What was the Lord [...]

10 Aug, 2017

Visitation Encounters Happen Today!

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There is nothing more important than an encounter with our supernatural God. One God encounter changes everything in our lives. Our priorities shift. Our perspective shifts. Things that used to seem important take a back seat, and our world suddenly turns from gray to technicolor. Are you hungry for a visitation from God? Do you want him to come and invade your life? I'll never forget when God encountered my wife back in 1992. She was never the same again. Though cancer took Michal Ann's body back in 2008, she is now living in the vibrant presence of the [...]

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