God wants to take possession of you and transform you into a vessel for His purposes. Are you ready to be possessed by God, allowing Him to consume you in and turn you into a fiery one for Him?

To be possessed by God is to be completely taken by His glory, holiness, and love. This is a key element of revival breakthrough.

Life is about God; it’s not about us. He is greater than our weaknesses, and He is greater than all our excuses.

God wants to consume us with His love and power, but it is not our ability or goodness that will make this happen. It is our full surrender to Him.

Conqueror Through GodJoel 3:10 says, “Let the weakling say, ‘I am strong!’” (NIV).

You are more than a conqueror through God’s strength. Remember that.

God will always provide for you, no matter what He calls you to do. Here are a few examples of this truth from the Bible:

  • When God called Moses to lead His people out of Egypt, Moses protested, in effect, “But I stutter,” so God gave him Aaron to be his mouthpiece. (See Exodus 4:1–17.)
  • When Isaiah the prophet cried out, “I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips,” God sent an angel with fire to purge him. (See Isaiah 6:1–7.)
  • When Jeremiah said, “But I am but a youth,” the Lord revealed His sovereignty, told Jeremiah, “I knew you before you were ever born,” and put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth. (See Jeremiah 1:1–10.)

I have seen firsthand God’s remarkable provision in this way, most memorably within my own family.

Bob Jones, a seer prophet, came to me one day and said, “I saw your wife today in a vision, and she’ll be the first of three hundred women who will be released into the prophetic.” I really didn’t understand what dear Bob Jones was saying, even though I was the doorkeeper to my house. So, like Mary in the Bible, I pondered in my heart what he had said. (See Luke 2:19.)

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Invaded by God’s Presence

Then, in 1992, on the Day of Atonement, at one minute before midnight, when Michal Ann and I were both asleep, a lightning bolt crashed in our backyard. The light from it streaked through our closed bedroom window, and a man came and stood at the end of our bed. I immediately woke up and saw the man and a ball of fire (light supernaturally illuminated our bedroom for the next five hours). That man looked at me and said, “Watch your wife. I’m about to speak to her.”

At that point, the manifested appearance of the angelic messenger dissipated, but the manifested Presence increased. Michal Ann woke up trembling and shaking in the presence of God. I whispered to her, “Ann, an angel has just come.”

This was not our first angelic visitation. For whatever reason, every time we experienced this kind of exchange, I would whisper the news to my wife, in the fear of the Lord, so that she knew. I did not tell her what the angel had said. For the next twenty-four minutes, we trembled in bed together. We prayed for confirmation and for the Lord to show us what He wanted us to do. His presence drew near for nine straight weeks from midnight to 5:00 a.m., and it did not center on me but on Michal Ann.

One night, angels showed up, put their hands upon her back, and shoved the fear of man and the fear of rejection out of her.

Lionness for GodThis transformed her from being a “Betty Crocker homemaker” into a “lioness” for God. It changed our relationship; it changed a little bit of everything in our lives.

However, Michal Ann learned to ask for more of God, and she was determined. Whether she lived or died was not the issue. She continued to cry out to the Lord to draw near.

One night, twenty-nine fireballs circulated in the bedroom, and they would come down and hit her, yet she would say, “Lord, send more.” And He would come to her gently in the night season and sing over her.

I’m here to tell you that I observed how God consumed Michal Ann with His presence and changed her. I can testify to how God took control and made her into a fiery one.

 When God takes possession of you, He will transform you into a vessel for His purposes too.

Prayer to Be Possessed by God

Gracious Father, we declare that we are not our own; we belong to You, and we are servants of Yours, the Most High God. We are asking, Holy Spirit, that You would descend upon us with a fresh baptism of, and with, the Holy Spirit and fire. Call upon us with a greater and lasting impact. Come and fill us to overflowing. Send us the spirit of intercession for the great harvest. In Jesus’s name, come and take possession of us! Thank You, almighty God. Amen and Amen.

Possessed by God!

James W. Goll

This article has been adapted from Chapter 8, “Possessed by God” in James Goll’s new book: Revival Breakthrough.

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