With 82 years of fruitful life, Dr. Mary Elizabeth (Beth) Alves graduated into the arms of Jesus on the morning of July 23 at her home in Bulverde, Texas. That morning, I received a personal phone call telling me the bittersweet news.

Beth is fondly known within the God Encounters Ministries sphere as “grandma of the prayer shield.” Over the many years I have known her, Beth served in various capacities in our ministry, both as a director on the board and later as an adviser to the ministry. Her involvement personally touched the lives of every Goll family member. She was entrusted as one of the speakers at Michal Ann’s memorial service in Nashville, Tennessee, almost 13 years ago.

Elizabeth began in earnest with a simple prayer: “Lord, teach me to pray.” The result became Increase International, formerly Intercessors International, a prayer, teaching and prophetic ministry that transformed the lives of individuals and leaders worldwide. Motivated by an unquenchable passion for God, she invested her life in teaching believers how to hear God’s voice and prophesy in His name. Using humor and simplicity, Elizabeth ministered globally, speaking the Word of the Lord to governments and businesses, and she taught at various schools, seminaries, conferences and churches in 49 nations.