Did you know God uses a language that is tailor-made to speak directly to you? After all, He created you, so that shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. The inventor of language is a master communicator. Not only does He reveal Himself plainly to all of mankind in Scripture, but He also speaks to us personally in dreams and visions. Do you understand what He is saying?

Dreams and visions are often the language full of emotions and therefore contain much symbolism. We must learn to take our interpretations first from Scripture and then from our own lives. Throughout Scripture God is consistent with His symbolic language. The symbolism He uses in Genesis will be similar to that found in Revelation. In fact, one of the fundamental principles of biblical interpretation is the “law of first use.” This simply means that how a word or image or symbol is used in its first appearance in Scripture is a key to how it should be interpreted throughout the Bible. This consistency in symbolic language runs true in our own lives as well.

The Language of Symbols