God has secrets he wants to share!

Really? Yes, secrets are waiting to be revealed!

Amos 3:7 from the NKJV tells us, “God does nothing unless He first reveals His secret counsel to His servants the prophets.”

Some would have us believe this should read, “God does nothing” as far as the supernatural goes and especially concerning the voice of God speaking today.

But while we do agree that the cannon of scripture is closed, God still speaks today and the prophetic nature of God is alive and active!

Notice, what else this one scripture points out: “God does nothing unless He first reveals His secret counsel.” Secrets are for the purpose of being revealed. Secrets are to be shared!

The secret counsel of the Lord is to be shared with His intimate servant friends.

With whom do you share your secrets? Do you share everything all at once or do you reveal your innermost thoughts in parts at a time?

Is trust required? Do you share some now, and another piece later? Are there pauses, when it seems that you need to digest what you have just given before the next installment of the secret is shared?

In fact, over time, you might even learn to “dream together” with your trusted friends. God does. Oh yes, God does.

What Is the Nature of a Secret?

So, what is the nature of a secret?

Proverbs 25:2 gives us more insight where it states, “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search out a matter” (NASB).

Kings search out a matter. Are you satisfied to only petition the Lord as a Priest or will you also progress in functional position as a King to search out a matter with your Master?

Some things God shares; some things He conceals. Interesting! “Sounds like God likes to play the game, ‘Hide and Seek.’ Is that what you are saying, James Goll?”

Yes, that is exactly right! The very nature of “Secrets with God” is all about the very “Nature of God” Himself.

There are these mysterious prophetic ways of God where He holds something, He reveals something, and He shares something. These ways of God sometimes say more about your relational dynamic with the God of Secrets than about the information itself.

Secrets are to be shared! God has secrets He wants to share with you!

Are you His servant? Are His friend? Are you prophetically leaning your ear His way: listening, waiting, and watching daily at His doorposts?

How Do You Handle God’s Secrets?

We each have different grace allotments and we each have different, distinct callings.

When handling prophetic revelation, I first pray it back to God. I ask permission if I am to share it.

After I journal about it in some format, then I ask some basic questions:

  1. Is this to be shared publicly?
  2. Do I wait for a confirmation?
  3. With whom is it to be shared?
  4. How much of it is to be shared?
  5. How is it to be shared?
  6. When is it to be shared?
  7. Is it only for prayer?
  8. Is it to be held as a confirmation for another person who is to be the primary voice?
  9. Am I to submit this to counsel to others with whom I am in alignment?
  10. Are there any additional pieces You want to give me (of which this is only the first installment)?

Now, my intention is not to make this too complex. I am simply providing a template to consider.

Sometimes you have a “Green Light” to “Go for It” and you need to, because there is an Urgency on the Word! Actually, that is a good gauge to use.

Ask the Holy Spirit: do I have a Green, Red or a Yellow light when it comes to the distribution of this God Secret? (Green means Go; Red means Stop and Wait; and Yellow means Wisdom is Needed.)

Sometimes I find that people move too fast with their God Secrets because they have mixed motivations.

They could be trying to build their mail list or attempting to be the next big hitter on the block. And they might even be tempted to add “hamburger helper” to the word to make it seem bigger and better than it actually is or was.

By the way, “helping God out” helps no one in the long run!

So first always respond to revelation with PRAYER—by dialoguing with the Holy Spirit!

God Has Secrets For You!

I really want you to know this.

God has secrets He wants to share with you.

He has special times He wants to spend just with you. He has a seat at His banqueting table with your name reservation right there—just for you. No one can take your place.

God does great things when His prophetic friends listen to His special secrets and wisely act upon those words.

Get ready to lean into God’s heart, hear His secrets, and then find out how He wants you to respond.

Because you are a friend of God. Amen and Amen!

From One Friend to Another!

James W. Goll
God Encounters Ministries

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