In recent months I have been teaching in many cities and nations on Signs of the Third Great Awakening. To make this week’s prayer emphasis complete, I have included a video I recently made on this subject.  You can click on the link below to listen to on the MP3 and then go to our Online Resource Center to order the new I MUST BURN CD just released where the actual experience I will now tell about is recorded. So this week using our global positioning strategy through our Global Prayer Storm, we will intercede in the Hour that Changes the World for “The Beginning of the Third Great Awakening.”


I had been receiving various dreams and words about significant outpourings in different cities, nations and various locations for some time – like the move of the Spirit out of International House Of Prayer – Kansas City called the Student Awakening – I had scores of dreams about this move of the Spirit. I saw renewed activity hitting the states of Alabama, Ohio, Maryland and Florida; the fire and presence of God resting over Orange County, California; lightening strikes of glory in Hong Kong; a healing anointing hitting Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; fresh apostolic wineskins getting created in Australia; evangelistic crusades being held in Detroit and Atlanta, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and many more. (The problem in listing some of these locations is that others also receive accurate visions and details concerning other moves of the Holy Spirit in other locations. So my list is not an exhaustive one in any means! Do not be discouraged. It is merely a portion of what the Lord has shown me and only a piece of the puzzle I bring to the plate in God’s overall perspective. No one person sees it all!)

But what really captured my attention over the past year was an experience I had when ministering in Harrisburg, PA some months ago in the midst of 72 hours of non-stop worship and prayer called “I Must Burn!” It was an awesome time of worship, prayer and ministry to the Lord and His people. I was to share at the 70th hour, but the place was so saturated that I could not teach. I began to pray, weep, sing and prophesy. About halfway through the experience, the seer realm was suddenly opened up to me. A banner with amber words written right out in front of me unfurled enabling me to see and read and then declare what the Holy Spirit was saying.

I clearly saw written in blazing letters, “The Beginning of the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING.” It stunned me. I was dazed by what I saw. I knew something new was breaking forth – but I did not have language for it. I knew it included revival, renewal and outpourings, but I also internally knew it was something more significant than that. It seemed all we had been laboring for over the past 20 plus years was about to be defined. Inside my heart, I knew I was alive to see it not just at a distance in the Spirit realm, but I had been kept alive for some reason to see with my very own natural eyes something historic.

It will stay with me all my days. Every time I rehearse this open-eyed vision, I see it all over again. It is burned within my being. Yes, we have crossed a historic threshold. Now it is just a beginning and beginnings don’t always see their fullness automatically come into being. But let’s lay hold of this in prayer and in faith and in whatever little things God asks us to do.

So as one of God’s Ambassadors for this hour, I prophesy to you, “It is time to be a lamp burning brightly in the midst of a dark generation. It is time for a great harvest of souls in our day! Yesterday’s dream about your tomorrow is your today’s opportunity.” I declare that we have crossed a threshold of a new day into “The Beginning of the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING.”

James W. Goll