A few months ago I was given a message that came in the form of a vivid, yet simple dream. It was a “matrix” type dream off of the style of the famous Matrix movie series. In that series of movies you had a “red” or “blue” pill you got to choose between – and it was very important which pill you chose. You wanted to be on the side of truth and not found in deception.

I had actually “awakened” early that particular morning and then I felt from the Holy Spirit that I was to linger in bed for a moment. Suddenly, it seemed, I fell into a deep sleep and was given the following impacting revelatory encounter. I was awakened right at the exact right time – just in time to get ready for my appointment to teach that day. I woke up just in time! Now for the dream itself!

In this dream, two closed fisted hands turned downward came before me. I knew that within each fist there was some type of important message. I knew it was important that I chose wisely and correctly. I pondered what I should do. A voice came to me and said, “Make your choice.” I looked at both hands being offered and I heard myself say, “I choose right, I choose the right hand!”

The right hand then turned over in the dream and the fingers opened up. Contained within the palm of the hand was a white capsule. I watched as the white pill filled with heaven’s ingredients and realms of glistening glory was placed in my right hand. Instinctively, I began to bring the white pill to my mouth. As I did so, I saw that there was a word written upon the pill. It stated AWAKE.

As I put the “Awake” pill in my mouth in the dream and ate the word, suddenly I woke up in the natural. The room was filled with the presence of destiny and the fear of the Lord. I intuitively knew that it was very important in the days that lie ahead that we make wise life choices centered around the fear of the Lord in order that we could fulfill our destiny. It was very important that we make prudent life choices. The Holy Spirit has medicine He is releasing to the slumbering church – it is not just another “renewal” though it contains that. It is something much greater – it is an AWAKENING!

Let me summarize for you:

  • It is important that we choose correctly!
  • It is important that we choose righteousness.
  • It is important that we choose to find our pleasures in the (right) hand of God almighty – in His Son Jesus Christ.
  • It is important that we choose heavenly nutrients to feed our entire beings in these days.
  • We must feed ourselves the Word of purity.
  • We must see our present trials as tools of preparation for the days that lie ahead and choose the right course of action!
  • We must shake ourselves out of our slumber.
  • We must AWAKEN!
  • By choosing wisely we will be ready just in time for our next assignment in God!

I trust that this little AWAKE Dream has been meaningful for you. It has been helpful to me. I am really leaning on Jesus to WAKE me up where I have fallen asleep. Will you AWAKE? Do you want to be a part of the greatest Awakening the world has ever seen?

Choosing Righteousness!
James W. Goll