As we prepare to cross over into a New Hebrew Year, I want to share with you three major prophetic flashpoints that were given to me in three sequential dreams in one night.

For a moment, let’s peer into our lead scripture concerning open heavens. “After He was baptized, Jesus came up immediately from the water; and behold, the heavens were opened, and he saw the spirit of God descending as a dove and settling on Him, and behold, a voice from the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son with whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 3:16–17

The Spirit didn’t just come upon Him and then ascend, but it remained, or as the NASV translation puts it, “and settled upon Him.”

This is a major key for each of our lives as well. We need and long for the dove of God to descend and remain upon us—we want to be a dwelling place for His presence.

We will develop this principle as we unfold these three major prophetic flashpoints. What is a flashpoint?

Hot Spots – Here We Come!                                      

This word “flashpoint” has just been illuminated to me.

So, I looked up the definition but only one illustration stood out to me. It is the phrase “hot spot.”

EruptionsA flashpoint is a time when you reach a specific temperature that creates a certain chemical change resulting in a what some refer to as a hotspot. Now typically, in a dictionary definition, a hot spot deals with violent eruption and a spilling over.

The Holy Spirit is looking for His next hot spots and times and places where there can be eruptions of His presence that create an unstoppable overflow.

He also is searching for people, just like you, whom He wants to settle in upon. Now, keep that in mind. But I have a word for you, “Hot spots, here we come!”

Dream #1: Flashes of God’s Presence

Now, let me share with you about these sequential dreams that I had in the same night. When multiple dreams come in one night, that typically indicates that their meanings are connected. (If you want to learn more about the art of interpreting dreams, then I commend my book, Dream Language.)

In the first dream I saw flashes of God’s presence.

It was like a match was being lit and you hear it go “sizzle.” I saw this happening in various places around the world. This flashpoint was happening in a lot of congregations, a lot of corporate meetings, and special gatherings. Now we believe that the church, the ecclesia, is not limited to four walls at all.

But in the first dream, I saw the “sizzle of God’s presence” lighting upon corporate church gatherings. 

I did not see the full glory manifestation of Isaiah 60:1–3 hovering or falling only in one location or in a sustained manner. But what I did see was quick moments of electric presence.

This was a “suddenly of God” as described in the book of Malachi—and suddenly He comes to visit His temple. Now you want to be there when He comes to His temple! But you don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen.

I saw and heard it as the striking of a match lighting a fire. While it might be momentary to begin, it is fierce when it happens. It will be used to restore the awe of God.

As this occurs, it will be like the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing in quickly. Here comes the wind, and there the wind goes. This wind will blow upon old embers where the fire has previous burned.

The fire will burn suddenly, flicker back into a flame, and with it comes the miraculous, faith, and supernatural activity. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

That’s what I saw in this first dream. But I saw it happening in multiple places over and over and over and over, but in an unpredictable manner.

Dream #2: The Lightings of God

LightningIn the second dream I refer to the flashpoint I saw as the “Lightnings of God.”

The first dream highlighted the flashes of God’s electric presence among God’s people as they gather. In the second dream, I saw something different.

I saw the raw lightnings of God striking key, chosen individuals. It was powerful.

One brief lightning strike of God’s power can change the trajectory of a person’s life forever. It may bring total deliverance from the spirit of fear of man, or an instant healing, or an anointing, or a commissioning.

I saw the lightnings of God falling, touching key choice people who have been seeking for purity in their hearts. This lightning presence was being used to restore the fear of the Lord and the seeking of the fourth man in the fiery furnace like Daniel of old.

These three dreams all happened in the same night. In dream number one, I saw the electric flash points of God’s presence upon gatherings creating hot spots. Then in the second dream, I saw the lightnings of God coming upon chosen individuals. And with that came a gift of faith, or gifts of healing.

These dreams didn’t necessarily represent the fullness yet. And yet what I saw was fuller than what we’ve known thus far.

Dream #3: The Sound of Heaven

The third sequential dream was about the sound of heaven.

In our dreams, the Lord often uses symbols from our own personal vocabulary.

In my dream, I saw my earthly father in heaven playing a golden instrument in a band. And in this band, there were two of his natural brothers.

My father was playing the lead in heaven’s band—and they were all in perfect sync playing unusual instruments that were very finely tuned. Everyone in this Band of Brothers was dressed in gold, but it was the sound that stood out. It was a symphony, yet a different kind of symphony—it was a new sound being played in heaven.

Suddenly, my praying mother showed up, also dressed in a gold gown, and she whispered a secret into my father’s ear. She gave my father a new lyric that only heaven knew, but was ready to release.

My knower knew, that before a new song is heard in earth with the reverberations that are needed for revival breakthrough, it first originates in heaven.

This flashpoint begins as a secret out of intimacy and then God releases it to one of His chosen vessels on earth who has just had a lightning of God happen upon their life. It might be a worship leader. It might be someone in the marketplace. It might be a secular singer. There is no limit to this expression.

Another part of this third dream is all about family. God wants to heal the family. Yes, God wants to heal the family. And there’s a band of brothers and sisters we each need. This third key is available to all of us. And it is tuning into the sounds of heaven on earth because you can create your own dwelling place of God in the Holy Spirit. You really can.

This trio of dreams was about God’s kind intention for a revival breakthrough of His divine presence.

3 Keys for Revival Doors

3 Keys There are three keys in my book, Revival Breakthrough, that I share in the very first chapter. These keys are used to open heavens, minds, and doors for revival breakthrough.

  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Hunger for God’s Manifest Presence
  • Receiving Prophetic Revelation

I believe these aspects can be demonstrated biblically and historically as the elements that precede a revival of God’s great presence.

Revelation 3:20 says, “Behold! I stand at the door and knock. And if anyone opens the door…”

He’s coming to bring you flashes of His presence, to bring the lightnings of God, and to help tune you in to the sounds of heaven to be released on earth.

With this in mind, let’s pray.

Prayer for 3 Prophetic Flashpoints

Father God, we want Jesus to be at home in our lives. We believe that authentic revival can start in us right here right now. We lift our desire to You that what You did before, you will do again. We want to partner with the Holy Spirit to create an opening for our lives, our families, our churches, our cities, and even our nations. We desire to be a people of Your presence. Holy Spirit, come and release these three prophetic flashpoints into each of our lives. Amen and Amen!

Get ready because your revival breakthrough is coming!

With Expectation!

James W. Goll

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