What is the Great Harvest ultimately about? It is God’s great, deep love for all those whom He has created. It is about His desire that no one should perish, but that everyone should be saved and be restored to a passionate relationship of love and oneness with Christ Jesus. How can we offer God a love worthy of who He is? How can we partner with the Holy Spirit for an unprecedented harvest of souls? As Jeremiah 33:3 states,“Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” 

This coming week, we are crossing over into this New Hebrew Year of 5783 as we celebrate Rosh Hashanah Tuesday, September 26th. This is the beginning of what is called “The 10 Days of Awe” culminating with Yom Kippur, the most Holy Day on the Jewish Calendar, which this year falls on October 5th.  We are in a major crossing over pattern. This is a period of time that the prophets have spoken about for years, even decades. We are crossing over into the fulfillment of promises spoken of the Great Harvest – the Feast of Tabernacles. 

With this in mind, I want to walk you through a series of prophetic dreams I was given recently that relate to this Great Harvest. These dreams seem to build upon the trio of sequential dreams I recently received and released called, “Three Major Prophetic Flashpoints”. Like those dreams, these also came all in one night, and offer insight into how we are to believe and prepare for the greatest harvest church will have ever seen.

Companies of People

In the first of the three sequential dreams, I was given a word concerning preparation. I saw companies of people. I saw people finding each other. They were so many diverse small groups of believers with many different applications. And the key is word, companies of people. Yes, that is typically a business terminology.

Company of PeopleWhat I saw in the first dream was a company of people coming together. The emphasis was on preparing and believing for the great harvest by connecting with one another. It deals with preparing new wine skins for the new wine; connecting with one another as company of people. This goes outside of the four walls of the church. It does deal with business companies of people. This does deal with church world. It deals with all the various applications. But in the first dream, I saw people finding one another. I saw believers connecting with one another, a sense of people finding their tribe.

You are going to find your tribe, even though might have felt alone. You might have felt a bit, outcast or that you have not been able to find your proper connections. This deals with preparations for the harvest. I pray that you find your tribe, and I speak a spirit of adoption over you. I challenge you to pray this over yourself as well. It is time for us to find our tribe. If there are realignments that need to happen – let the realignments happen. Not that you break away in disloyalty, but that you have a magnetic draw to your company of people. I bless you with what I saw as a connecting with others where I saw homes, and fireside chats, that usher in a connecting with one another with the spirit of the revelation. I bless you in finding your tribe.

Choices and Voices

The next dream I had this particular evening was about facing challenges. It was about choices… and voices when facing challenges. The first dream was regarding the coming together of companies of people, connecting with others, and finding your tribe. This second dream was regarding the necessity of making right choices when facing challenges. 

Do you still believe in the Great Harvest? Do you still dare to believe? This was the challenge that was being probed in the second dream. Do you still believe the prophetic promises that have been spoken concerning the Great Harvest?Are you still a believing believer? My second dream was a challenge… a dare to believe. I know that strikes a chord with some of us who’ve been around for a while. Yes, some of us just need to be renewed: It’s a dare to believe.

When we get in the right company of people and find our tribe, that will ignite faith and we will dare to believe again.

Connect the Dots

Connect The DotThe third dream was rather unusual and a bit magical. It’s supernatural. It’s called, “Connect the Dot.” I know that term comes from a kid’s game as there were all of these little disks and they were laying all over the table. Everything appeared to be disconnected. There have been seasons where things have appeared disconnected, and people who have seemed to be somewhat disconnected. There have been disconnections and even some dysfunctional dimensions to things.

And then in this third dream, there was a change of scenery. Remember, the first dream starts off with the encouragement to be a company of people, to find your tribe, and then there comes a daring people who believe again… and then out of these two things there was a shift of scenery. What was disconnected, becomes connected. There was a movement, and these disconnected and disassociated components were then given a new alignment, and the dots connected.

The Sequence Is Important

The sequence for bringing together the New Wine Skins is important. First, there is a company of people that find another, as proper alignments are made. Then grace appears for right choices to occur when facing difficult challenges, and then a daring to still believe releases a shift where the dots are going to connect. What did I see in my series of dreams? It is believing for about preparations for the great harvest, companies of people connecting with others. 

Again we ask: What is the Great Harvest ultimately about? It is about God’s great, deep love for all those whom He has created. The Great Harvest is about His desire that no one should perish, but that everyone should have the opportunity to respond to the Gospel of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s time that we believe for the Greatest Harvest in Church History. Let’s connect the dots and believing believers! Amen and Amen!

Watching and Praying!

James W. Goll 

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