It seems as if God has been conducting a monumental chess game throughout the ages, waiting for the strategic moment in history to make His move. Yes, the playing board has been set and the pieces have been chosen. The call for watchmen is the strategic positioning of His intercessory knights and prophetic bishops being brought together for a sweeping move—one that all the world will observe closely. No eye will miss this mysterious and fascinating time. We must pray, therefore, for our eyes to be opened with spiritual understanding.

Seeing through God’s Eyes

After our move from Kansas City to “Music City,” the first conference that my wife, Michal Ann, and I hosted in Nashville was on “The Mystery of the Church and Israel.” Our friends Avner and Rachel Boskey of Final Frontier Ministries in the Beersheva region of Israel led the worship. During one of the worship times, I saw an open vision of an eye staring right at me. In the middle of this eye, I saw the Star of David. As I gazed more intently upon the vision, I saw a Scripture reference written in the middle of the Star of David. The Scripture I saw was Zechariah 2:8.