There is a clarion call to prayer and worship going out across the body of Christ.

In the midst of extreme crisis across the nation, God is looking to see who will “stand in the gap.”

Will you join us in interceding on behalf of our nation?

On September 21st and 22nd, during the Ten Days of Awe, from noon to midnight on both days, a multi-generational gathering of musicians and prayer warriors will convene at the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee to release a pure sound of worship and prayer and livestream this event around the world.

This is a call for crisis intervention as we call upon the name of the Lord to fight this battle, heal our land, and make us a united family.

Inspired by King Jehoshaphat’s response in 2 Chronicles 20, “Pure River” is our response to the national and international crisis.

We fix our eyes upon Jesus knowing that the battle belongs to Him. Just like in 2 Chronicles 20, musicians from every possible genre and sound will once again lead the way into the frontline of the battle worshiping the Lord and celebrating His goodness.

The strategic positioning of Nashville as “Music City U.S.A.” provides a unique trumpet sound in this crisis as we are called to release a pure sound…a “Pure River” from the Ryman that will displace the polluted river destroying our land.

In fact, it is our goal for Music City to become “Worship City to the World” and you can join us in these strategic plans this next week.

Pure River is Birthed in a Vision

At the beginning of this year, on January 10, 2020, Daniel MacLeod and Seth Randall shared a vision they had of a polluted river called “false fulfillment” that had run through the center of Nashville, Tennessee but had dried up and turned into a desert. But as people would become hungry for God and cried out to Him, God would provide a Pure River that would flow into downtown “turning this desert into a lush garden.”

Over the course of this year, downtown Nashville has begun to look like a “ghost town,” and these prophetic young men feel that the first part of this vision has come to pass—everything has dried up due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In prayer, Scott MacLeod, founder of Harvest Sound and father of Daniel, in agreement with Ricky Skaggs, award winning Bluegrass performer and dedicated believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, felt the Lord released direction to them on how to respond and release this Pure River: “The Ryman is the fountain head of this river.”

The music venue known today as Ryman Auditorium was originally built as the “Union Gospel Tabernacle.” After going to a tent revival, Thomas Ryman dedicated his life to the Lord and sought to create a tabernacle where people in Nashville could gather to worship the Lord. After the foundations of the Tabernacle were laid, a tent was set up where the revivalist Sam Jones preached daily from May 25-June 1, 1890.

The foundations of this building were the gospel message! Then after the meetings, the building was constructed and opened on May 4, 1892 as the “Union Gospel Tabernacle.”

It’s time to return to the spiritual roots of this place and release a Pure River of life into the earth starting with Music City Nashville!

Let’s Do It Together!

I and along with many in our great city and others across this nation are in agreement with the vision of “Pure River.”

It will be hosted at the Ryman Auditorium for two days on September 21st-22nd gathering musicians from across the region to lift up the name of the Lord.

This multi-generational movement of Christ-centered musicians will release 24 hours of music and worship unto the Lord and broadcast it via livestream so that everyone across the nation and world may join in.

We need a Jehoshaphat strategy—when surrounded by the enemy on every side and we don’t know what to do, we fix our eyes on God and look to Him to fight the battle for us.

It is time to gather the musicians and singers and put them in front of the army to release a pure sound – a pure song. “It’s time for the new River to flow!”

Now is the time for us to join together in prayer, fasting, and worship before the Lord as we prepare for these two days of corporate worship via livestream. Pray for purification, righteousness, and justice to be the foundation in our city, state, and nation.

This is a spiritual battle. Lift up a song of praise to our God, for He fights on our behalf! Yes, let’s do this together.

Remember, We Are Better Together!

The Pure River Steering Team
Scott and Sarah MacLeod, Ricky and Sharon Skaggs,
Bob Perry, James W. Goll and Others

James W. Goll
God Encounters Ministries

Pure River Livestream