Ever feel overwhelmed with life, society, dysfunctional relationships, let alone the foreboding knowledge of coming wars and rumors of wars? Along with many other prophetic voices, I declared that 2020 was a dress rehearsal of things yet to come.

To describe the emotional impact of the last several months, I would call it: “living life in a pressure cooker!”

So how do we navigate life in the midst of chaos and times of uncertainty? Sometimes we try to go it alone, or we run away from the very people that we need. When we get overwhelmed, we may tend to become fearful or wrestle with feelings of rejection, as though we are looking from the outside, longing to be let in.

These are the very times we need to run toward community and not away from it. These are the very times we need to run to worship and the Word instead of callusing ourselves against it. I have felt rather overwhelmed at times this last year, and instead of running away from accountability and trusted key relationships, I have chosen to run to trusted leaders.

Run to Jesus, Our Older Brother

I run to Jesus! Who do you run to? Jesus is so much more than a doctrine, as the Son of God. Jesus is my Savior, my friend and my older brother. He is the one who has gone before me. I often go back to the old hymns I grew up on to help me find solace for my unsettled soul such as, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” I may sing it softly, or I may loudly sing in declaration, “How Great Thou Art, How Great Thou Art!” But I sing it from my heart because my heart needs to be connected.