5 Oct, 2017

In Turbulent Times, One Simple Choice Changes Everything!

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In today’s global society we continue to see an increase of violence, rampant shootings, riots, tumultuous weather patterns, racial strife, instability in North Korea, chaos in Syria and the Middle East, Russia’s re-emergence, and wars and rumors of wars (Matthew 24:3-14). How are we to respond in these perilous times? (2 Timothy 3:1) These events leave us with a simple choice that we must make. This one question must be answered: Will we respond in Fear or Faith? In a time of confusion, strife and fierce anti-Semitism, the stateswoman Corrie Ten Boom declared,  “There is no panic in heaven! [...]

7 Sep, 2017

It’s Time to Arise and Shine!

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Throughout centuries of the Church, people in each generation have looked for signs that theirs would be the one in which Christ would return. Some have taken to the prayer room, crying out with passion for revival and the fire of God to fall upon their neighborhoods, cities and nations. Others have used this belief to fuel missions movements and global evangelism, determined to win every soul possible prior to Christ's return. Toward whichever of these you are more naturally inclined, every Bible-believing Christian can agree that Jesus is coming AND that both prayer and global evangelism are essential [...]

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