8 Aug, 2019

Shifting the Nations: An Invitation to Partner with God

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By James W. Goll with Jonathan Stidham Many prophets, intercessors and key leaders across the global Body of Christ all agree that we are in a critical time which the prophet Joel declared, “Multitudes are in the valley of decision.” (Joel 3:14) Could it be that there are multitudes of individuals who are in such a pivotal, strategic time, but also that the destiny of entire nations are also in a valley of decision?  We (James W. Goll and Johnathan Stidham) believe this is the case. We believe many of you reading this article will be in agreement as [...]

6 Jun, 2012

Paradigm Shifts for the 21st Century

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As we have crossed the threshold of a new era in the Lord, there will be a lot of shifting taking place in the church and the world. It is the time of completing unfinished business, a time of cleansing, and a time to get prepared for a “spiritual church-quake” to transpire in the life of what some prophetic voices call the “Third Day Church”.  With this view in mind, let me present some bullets on Paradigm Shifts for the 21st Century.  An Apostolic Relational Mandate is being released emphasizing “networking” versus vertical authority structures. This fresh emphasis on [...]

22 Sep, 2010

Relevant Shifts in the Prophetic Movement

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Besides the differences in personalities and in applications of the prophetic gifts, I am continually noticing additional diversity in the prophetic realm. Within the body of Christ, we are finding a wider ethnic diversity than ever before, and we are also hearing from fresh new voices. Many of these new voices are from the next generation, but some are also seasoned warriors with a voice that can be heard in this time and for this hour. We are hearing new prophetic sounds, in terms of up-to-the-minute media presentations. Continuous change seems to be the new norm. We are trying [...]

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