By James W. Goll with Jonathan Stidham

Many prophets, intercessors and key leaders across the global Body of Christ all agree that we are in a critical time which the prophet Joel declared, “Multitudes are in the valley of decision.” (Joel 3:14)

Could it be that there are multitudes of individuals who are in such a pivotal, strategic time, but also that the destiny of entire nations are also in a valley of decision?  We (James W. Goll and Johnathan Stidham) believe this is the case. We believe many of you reading this article will be in agreement as well.

Jesus said, “For where two or three agree together, I am in your midst.” (Matthew 18:19) The Word of God also declares that, “One can chase a thousand and two can chase ten thousand.” (Deuteronomy 32:30) Yes, we are better together.

Governmental Vision

Jonathan StidhamIn early July 2019, Johnathan Stidham, founder of Ignite Church in Nicholasville, KY, had a series of governmental visions. The following is a brief account of those God encounters.

“I was getting into my car and my eyes were pulled into the nations. I looked and began to see the overturning of 31 national governments from corrupt liberal officials to ones God has deemed righteous and conservative. The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘A Joshua anointing has been released in the earth. You will see an outbreak of the Gospel of the Kingdom going forth resulting in a movement of freedom as the Spirit of God touches these nations.'”

At the beginning of the New Hebrew Year of 5779, I, James W. Goll, released statements that we were shifting into a time of “The Great Divide” amongst the nations.  I saw a deep polarization occurring where “hate speech would run rampart” that only a culture of honor could heal. But I have also been shown promises from the Lord in the midst of great tension.

Dread champions chosen by the Lord will be released upon the scene of history. They will carry the grace of Esther, Daniel, Joseph and Deborah. They will arise as counselors to those in authority. Some will arise like cream to the top of milk and become leaders of transformation. They will come, not from the normal governmental structures, but from the very structures of society itself. These are men and woman who are chosen for such a time as this to shift the nations toward righteousness.

Sudden Changes in the Nations

Flag of BrazilRecently, we have seen a dramatic shift in the nation of the Ukraine, where an entertainer has now become the chief leader. Brazil has followed suit electing a conservative man to power who is a dedicated believer in Christ Jesus. Friends of mine have personally prophesied and prayed over this man who is already aligning Brazil with the nation of Israel. Australia just elected and empowered a Pentecostal believer as Prime Minister and was publicly blessed at a large conference in Sydney.

And in El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, a successful businessman who was not planning to run for office, was prayed for and prophesied over by pastors on four different occasions. Each leader urged him to run for President! He is now the elected chief governmental leader of this nation. In a recent address, Bukele stated, “It’s important to put government in the hands of God. Pray for wisdom, and run government God’s way.”

Consider the people’s voices being raised in Puerto Rico where the Governor has just resigned and another is being chosen to fill the void. I have been given a promise that Canada will see a quick shift in its parliament and align once again as a nation who stands with the written Word of God and is a staunch supporter of Israel. It is on record that I have declared multiple times that God is preparing a woman to become the first truly elected Prime Minister of Canada, who will be a modern day Margaret Thatcher.

A Scepter Is Being Lowered

What time is it? It is the Time of the Shifting of the Nations! Millions of people are in the valley of decision. Nations are being tried and tested and sudden shifts are occurring. These governmental shifts are signs for us to read and be encouraged. Isaiah 60 declares that “darkness will cover the earth and gross darkness a people. But a light will shine and Kings will come to the brightness of its shining.”

Yes, a scepter by the King of Kings is being released as we approach the threshold of the new era of 2020 or 5780. It is a time for 20/20 vision. It is a time when grace will be manifested to complete the course, and where there will truly be a new beginning exponentially exploding in the earth.

What time is it? It is a fresh opportunity to partner with God in prayer and fasting, coupled together with bold action steps of faith and obedience. It is time to declare, “We shall take that mountain!”

In Eager Anticipation,

James W. Goll with Johnathan Stidham