1 Sep, 2022

3 Keys to Open Heavens, Minds, and Doors

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At least three keys are needed to open heavens, minds, and doors for revival breakthrough: Prayer and fasting God’s presence Prophetic revelation I believe each of these aspects can be demonstrated biblically and historically regarding the elements that precede revival. Let’s briefly look at all three elements. Key #1: Prayer and Fasting Prayer with fasting is a powerful key to making an opening for breakthrough. One of my favorite revival testimonies comes from the 1949–52 Hebrides Revival. The Hebrides is a set of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. Two sisters, Peggy and Christine Smith, eighty-four and eighty-two [...]

19 Sep, 2019

10 Practical Keys to Help YOU Prophesy!

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Prophecy is for EVERYONE! It is difficult to convey this concept enough in our world of superstars—both in the church and outside it. But Scripture is clear—every believer is prophetic, and every believer can prophesy (see Numbers 11:29 and Acts 2:16-18). So whether you have prophesied for years or are just getting started, here are 10 practical guidelines that will help you grow in prophecy and keep your gift solidly grounded. 10 Practical Keys to Help YOU Prophesy! 1. Earnestly desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially that you may prophesy (see 1 Corinthians 14:1). God wants to speak [...]

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