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8 Feb, 2018

15 Essential Keys for Dream Interpretation

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Walking in dream language and tapping into the mind and heart of God can be an exciting and exhilarating journey. But understanding and interpreting the revelation He gives in dreams can often be a complex and even confusing process. These 15 keys will help you to simplify the process of dream interpretation: Most of all, dreams should be interpreted on a personal basis first (John 10:3). Most dreams should not be taken literally. They need interpretation (Daniel 1:17; Genesis 40:8). God will use familiar terms that you know (Matthew 4:19). Ponder on the dream or revelation and ask the [...]

1 Feb, 2018

God Is Speaking in Your Dreams—Do You Understand What He’s Saying?

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Did you know that God uses a language that is tailor made to speak directly to you? After all, He created you, so that shouldn't come as too big a surprise. The inventor of language is a master communicator. Not only does He reveal Himself plainly to all of mankind in scripture, He also speaks to us personally in dreams and visions. Do you understand what He is saying? Dreams and visions are often the language full of emotions and therefore contain much symbolism. We must learn to take our interpretations first from Scripture and then from our own [...]

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