18 Feb, 2021

How to Properly Steward Prophecy

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Much has been said in recent weeks regarding prophecy and its accuracy in the body of Christ. My intention in this article is not to call into question any particular prophetic word given or its interpretation or application—but rather it is to give solid scriptural principles by which we can grow and mature in stewarding prophetic revelation, interpretation and application moving forward. Years ago, when I was in Kansas City with Mike Bickle and others, Bill Hamon (a mature prophet who is the founder of an extensive ministry called Christian International) taught us about the meaning and importance of [...]

24 Oct, 2019

The Anatomy of a Prophetic Word

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Early in the modern prophetic movement in 1988, I remember learning the importance of the three-stage process of properly handing revelation. These three basic but essential principles each build upon each other: (1) Revelation, (2) Interpretation, and (3) Proper Application! Without discovering that framework, we might have continued to take every word literally, never realizing that God might sometimes speak in symbolic language. These three principles have become vital building blocks for understanding the prophetic. We also learned there is a trifold nature of the prophetic. It is: 1) Partial, 2) Progressive and 3) Conditional.  So let me build [...]

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