1. Jesus Comes to Visits His House
    1. Read Luke 19:45-48
      Jesus comes to cleanse the Temple and declare the purposes of God.
    2. In the Last Days, Jesus is coming once again to visit the Father’s House, cleanse it, and declare the prophetic purposes of God.
    3. Enemies Jesus Wants to Cleanse:
      1. Personally
        1. Fear of man
        2. Unbelief
        3. An orphan spirit and rejection complex
      2. Corporately
        1. Religious spirit
        2. Witchcraft and the Jezebel influence
        3. Political spirit
  2. The Early and the Latter House

    1. Read Haggai 2:2-9
      Glory of this House will be greater than the former:
      1. Temple was destroyed
      2. New temple built
      3. People sense grief and loss over the previous temple in contrast to the “new one”
      4. The declaration is made that the Glory of the latter house will be greater than the former.
    2. Principle in Life – First comes the natural and then comes the spiritual.
    3. In Church History – The early Church was glorious but was followed by a decline. This then is followed by a pattern of progressive restoration where the latter glory will exceed to former.
  3. Early and the Latter Rain
    1. Read James 5:7-1
      1. Wise
      2. Patient
      3. Strengthen
      4. Continue
      5. Not Complaining
      6. Job’s Model of Endurance
      7. Look for the Lord’s Compassion and Mercy
    2. Read Deuteronomy 11:10-14
      1. Grain – Daily Word of God
      2. New Wine – Joy of the new life in the Spirit
      3. Oil – Anointing and empowerment
    3. Characteristics of the Early Rain
      Came in mid-October through mid-December. The purpose was to soften the ground for the plowing and watering freshly seeded fields.
    4. Characteristics of the Latter Rain
      Came in late February through early April. The purpose was to cause the grain to come into full growth and maturity
    5. Jeremiah 5:24
      “Let us now fear the Lord our God, Who gives rain in its season, Both the Autumn rain and the Spring rain, Who keeps for us the appointed weeks of Harvest.”
  4. Jesus is Coming to Visit His House Once Again

    Acts 2 was the early rain upon the House of God. Acts 2:17 claims, “the Last Days outpouring” began then. Joel 2:28 speaks of the “latter rain” of the Holy Spirit. These are those days prophesied by the prophets of old.

    The early disciples believed they were living in the Last Days and greeted one another declaring “Maranatha!” Was their doctrine wrong? If they believed they were living in the Last Days then, then even chronologically, we are further along the spectrum of time than they! Maranatha!

  5. When the Spirit Comes with Power
    1. He invades our personal space.
    2. The battle of respectability versus anointing is waged.
    3. He comes to fill the House with laughter and joy.
    4. Can appear temporarily that you have “lost control.”
    5. He takes over in a new way.
  6. Closing Scriptures
    1. Zechariah 10:1 – Ask for rain in time of the latter rain
    2. John 7: 37 – 39 – Rivers of living water will come
    3. John 14:12 – Greater works will we do!

James W. Goll