Do you know the difference between a micro-burst and a tornado?

While both can create fierce, destructive damage, they move and operate in very different ways.

A tornado forms a cylinder of rotating wind that can range in size and activity.

micro-burst birthing micro-churchWhereas a micro-burst forms a column of sinking air coming straight down perpendicularly. It then powers its way in a straight-lined direction, in comparison to the circular or swirl pattern of a tornado. It can be extremely powerful.

The Micro-burst is Birthing the Micro-church

Recently, while in worship, I was given a rather unusual vision.

I saw three men sitting on a platform together.

Suddenly, a wind from heaven blew straight down upon the three apostles. It blew them out of their chairs, and they were left standing. And stand they did.

Then, the force of the Heaven-sent wind shifted directions and it came from them. This is important to note.

As they stood in alignment and agreement with what the Holy Spirit was doing, a combustion of energy blew from them out to the people. It was a fresh apostolic movement.

The voice of the Lord came to me declaring, “The Micro-burst is birthing the micro-church. The key in this hour is 2’s and 3’s. Yes, 2 and 3 being brought together into agreement. You can volunteer to be that three cord strand that creates a flow from the throne of God. Receive the micro-burst to birth the micro-church.”

Nets for the Harvest

cast nets for the harvestThe Holy Spirit is looking for Fishermen who know how to cast the Nets for the Harvest.

I am convinced that these nets are comprised of 2’s and 3’s agreeing in prayer; yes, 2 and 3, or more, gathering together in homes.

I see a return of an organic house to house church movement.

I see the church in the marketplace.

I see 2’s and 3’s, the ekklesia, in education, meeting in the government and in hospitals.

I see a movement of 2 and 3 coming together in manufacturing plants and schools.

I see a wind of the Holy Spirit blowing, birthing a micro-church movement. I see this like I have never seen it before!

I have also had dreams recently watching myself prophesying on The Miracle TV Channel in Canada. But in the dream, I was reliving an actual occurrence that took place around 18 years ago.

I saw myself declaring, “It’s time for the e-Church. It’s time for the electronic church. It will come about in a season when it is of necessity and of relevancy.”

When I woke up from the dream, reliving the actual event, the voice of the Lord said to me, “This is now that time.”

Could the online church be another Net for the Harvest?

This is not a replacement for the mega church. This is not a replacement for the family congregation. This is not a replacement for commitment to a local church.

I see it as the Father adding rooms to His House. Why? More rooms are needed!

More rooms are always needed in Harvest Time!

Yes, I see Jesus after His resurrection coming to His disciples when they had toiled all night long and not brought in a catch of fish.

As recorded in John 21, Jesus said to them, “Cast the nets on the other side of the boat!”

Jesus has a word He is speaking to His weary laborers in this hour. “Cast your nets on the other side of the boat. Have I not told you that this is the beginning of the Great Harvest? But you must learn to cast your nets in different manner. That’s where you will find the increase! There are New Ways for the New Era!”

Yes, the wind of God is breathing life into every institution and into every cultural sphere.

I see God has sent a “Micro-burst birthing a Micro-church movement.”

A Vision of Nets for the Harvest,

James W. Goll