The Era of the Holy Spirit and the Year of Upgrade

Since 1999, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has gathered some of the most respected prophetic voices from around the nation (United States) to pray and seek the Lord for a word for the next year. The following article represents our collective Prophetic Word of the Lord for 2022.

It was 22 years ago that this group started meeting together. Though the composition of this group has changed much over the years, as many of the founders have graduated on to their heavenly reward, there yet remains a faithful core of the original group. There has been an addition of many new strong prophetic voices. Cindy Jacobs remains as the Convener and Senior Leader with other Generals at her side. I, James W. Goll, remain, as one of the founders alongside Bishop Hamon, and others.

It is our conviction that we are to function as an Acts 13:1-3 group. This passage notes that it was the Holy Spirit releasing a prophetic word to the group, as opposed to the exclusive word of any one prophet. So, it is the consensus of our ACPE members that the Holy Spirit is speaking the following prophetic words to us.

Prophetic Word for 2022It’s important to understand that all prophetic words need to be bathed in intercession. Our response, through prayer, helps words of blessing to come to pass, and can diminish or even avert words of judgment.

It is also important to note that God often speaks in seasons as opposed to calendar years. Many of the words given in the past are still being fulfilled even now around the world. So, the following is an overview of the ACPE Word of the Lord for the calendar year of 2022, which is 5782 in the Hebraic calendar, and beyond.

For the Lord says, “This is a season where the Holy Spirit is particularly active with many powerful manifestations of His glory.”

This word came out over and over in our ACPE prophetic council. The operative word is that God is releasing new waves of His power throughout the world.

The Glory Shakings

Many voices are prophesying shakings to come. Nations will be shaken. (See Haggai 2:6-7) This will result in a “glory shaking” or “glorious shaking” for the Body of Christ. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken, but it will result in great glory for the Kingdom of God. As the nations shake, many will come to Christ. There will be a great awakening from the great shaking, so do not be afraid in the midst of the shaking! God is using this shaking to realign nations. Trust God! In the last season, Satan was shaking the nations, but now God is going to do the shaking! This will result is a wealth transfer that can be used for the great harvest of the nations. Believe God to upgrade everything in your life during this time. Miracles upon miracles will manifest in the glorious shaking!

Embrace During this Era of the Holy Spirit, many prodigals will come back to the Lord. We are backing the Turnaround Tuesday movement where the Body of Christ fasts on Tuesday for the salvation of families and for prodigals to come home. God will also shake and prune the church to prepare to receive them, along with the great harvest. There will be a special emphasis in 2022 on the family. God is calling families to “build the family altar” in their homes and pray with and for their families. The blessing given in Genesis 22:17-18 is for us today that through our offspring all the nations of the earth will be blessed.

God will “shake until we awake.” These shakings will expose sexual sin in the church and corruption. When God gets ready to deal with nations, He always judges the church first.

The shakings can be likened to Ezekiel 37 where God spoke to the prophet to speak into the valley of dry bones. You may only see dry bones in your life now, but God is going to put your life into order and bring you into this great awakening that is happening. In the midst of the shakings, many will experience transitions. Be willing to let go of old traditions and move into the new without fear. This will help you get “unstuck” in your life.

Ephesians 6:13 admonishes us to take a stand against the things Satan is doing in our lives. As you choose to stand tall in the midst of the shakings, victory will be yours even during times of chaos and shakings.

The Nations Will Tremble

God is going to manifest His glorious self in a way that all will know that He is God. He is going to literally cause the nations to tremble before him. He is going to reveal Himself as the King of all kings, and the Lord of all lords.

The Technology Revolution

We are in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions since the industrial revolution. This revolution will be in the “unseen spaces” of the Metaverse and Web 3. Over the next few decades, the use of AI (artificial intelligence) and AR (augmented reality), using at this point technology such as Oculus, will drastically change the world as we know it. The introduction of robotics into our everyday lives will take place.

God will give His people new ideas on how to create jobs and be on the cutting edge of developing jobs that will result in the promised transfer of wealth.

Generation Z will experience a movement of holiness. They will be so fervent before God that it will provoke the generations before them to join in with their consecration. New waves of technology will be used that will result in hundreds of thousands of genuine conversions through the use of social media, such as Tik Tok and other new innovative tools.

There are many new technological breakthroughs coming that will involve the Metaverse and Web 3, as well as crypto currency. Believers will become students of such things, and God will begin to put Christians on the fore-running edge of these technologies.

There was an admonition not to demonize these new technologies.  They are neutral in and of themselves. Even though there is potential to use them for evil, we need to understand how to use them for good for the Gospel’s sake. The possibilities of using AR for things such as training for surgery, etc., are many.

This technology revolution will produce a great decentralization of the way we have done things in the past. Many structures will experience a decentralization. It will be important to discern when God is causing the structures to decentralize as opposed to Satan trying to break up and scatter structures. This will involve the economies of nations as well. The way we buy and sell will dramatically change over the next few years on an even larger scale than it already has. God will raise up a young generation who are “futurists”, or are very prophetic in their abilities to function in the world of crypto-currency, and great wealth will be created for the Kingdom of God.

Time for the Daniels and Josephs

We have released words about God raising up Daniels and Josephs who will prosper in whatever political climates, as well as financial climates, may come in the future. There is going to be an increase in the efficiencies of Christian leaders to begin to partner together in the area of Venture Capital and partnerships in business.

The creative anointing will flourish through teamwork, and Isaiah 65:8 will be a theme as it declares, “The new wine is in the cluster.” Teamwork will release dreamwork that will reveal visions on how to proceed in the future.

Christian statesmen and women will become what was likened to “ninja warriors” —bold and not ashamed. The same will be true for God’s sheep. They will be strong and unafraid.

It’s Time for Both: Revival and Reformation

While many of us understand revival, the Lord is speaking to us that we need to “marry” these two together.  We are not only to get souls saved, but to disciple them to fulfill the Great Commission (See Matthew 28:16-20). This involves not only being discipled in the ways of God, but also going out into society and being a reformer to disciple and teach our nations. It was noted that the Charismatic movement eventually lacked true discipleship and we do not want to be lacking in this area in the coming move of God.

A new generation of revivalists is being released to evangelize the great end-time harvest of souls. However, a generation of reformers are also arising who will reform their nations back to a biblical worldview. The fear of the Lord will return to the church. Huge hunger among God’s people will impact the world.

People will once again “re-dig the wells” of revival. Places that once saw great moves of God will experience His visitation again. In fact, it is already happening!

Revival involves weeping before the Lord for the sins of our nations. Tears are liquid prayers that bring the presence and glory of God. There will be meetings where a great sound of weeping for the state of individuals’ souls will rise up before the Lord. There will be a passionate crying out for the salvation of the lost. At times this travail will be quite dramatic. God will pour out His Spirit without measure upon a people without mixture.

Although we love revival, this new marriage of revival and reformation will release John the Baptists who are not reluctant to be contradictory to culture. They will be counter-cultural to turn people to biblical culture.

The revivalists and the reformers will form teams together, as mentioned in Isaiah 65:8, “The new wine is found in the cluster.” This cluster anointing will break the chains of human slavery, abortion, euthanasia, power, and other societal ills.

Billy Graham warned that Marxism and Communism were trying to take over America in his early sermons. Groups of pastors will stand together in many nations against tyranny. There is great news in this season as God takes His on-fire church from “survival to revival.”

The Conflicts Among Nations

Conflicts among nations will erupt during the spring. It was in the spring that the kings went to war. God said to us that He is going to review the kings of the earth in the spring. We are not certain that war will try and escalate in the world, but we need to keep praying against regional conflicts that will try to escalate into major war.

Persecutions will increase. We warned about the coming criminalization of Christianity starting around 2010. Various nations are already putting pastors in prison, and look for this to increase. While we are careful with our word, we are not to be scared to speak the truth no matter what the cost to us personally. A warning came that we were going to be scrutinized by the world in this next season. Wisdom is to be used in how we live our lives, but we are not to be intimidated.  The admonition came to us to not let the enemy “get into your head!”

Don’t let Satan move you out of your place of divine assignment through wearing you down with current circumstances!

This conflict of nations and in nations will result in increased polarizations. There will be little gray of confusion or compromise. Good and evil, or, to use biblical terminology, the wheat and the tares, will both accelerate until their maturity.

God is re-calibrating the church to be a voice in the midst of these conflicts, with the fear of the Lord upon us rather than the fear of man.

Stand Up for the Next Generation

An admonition was given to remind the Body of Christ that we should not be like Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20:19 in which he said, “At least there will be peace and security in my lifetime.” We need to be willing to stand up for what is biblically right currently, and to protect those who come after us.

In addition, we are to believe the dreams of the next generation and help them fulfill their dreams. The question came to us, “What if Joseph’s father had believed in his dreams?” Maybe Israel would not have had to go into exile.

Always Be Prepared

The phrase, “Believe the best, prepare for the worst,” was given to us. In this season of conflict and turmoil, believe the promises of God. However, know what you believe and be ready to stand up for it. Some regions which have rejected God will experience more shortage and lack. Seek the Lord for what He is saying to you in this time. Preparing for the worst can include survival readiness. If the shakings affect weather patterns, you will be prepared. Warnings came about severe weather patterns affecting the earth, and this is already coming to pass.

In the past few years, the ACPE gave warnings about the increased change in states and that some here in the United States would turn away from God. This will continue and they, at least for a season, will suffer as a “goat state,” or one that has turned away from God. The sheep states will have a marked prosperity. However, remember that God took care of His people in Goshen and He will take care of His people.

Scripture admonishes us to “redeem the time because the days are evil.” Satan, through his many avenues, has caused many to lose vision, hope, and ground towards the dreams that God set before them. God will help you to make up for lost ground or the delayed timetable of fulfilled purpose. Make a list of the things Satan has stolen from you, so you can “recover all.” There will be supernatural debt retirement on property. Believe God to get you out of debt as you prepare for the future. Expect double for your trouble! (Is. 61:7)

Worship Is the Key

2 Chronicles 20:22 says that when the people worshipped, the Lord set up ambushments.

Stadium events will happen around the world as God draws His people into corporate worship. There are strongholds that have been long-standing in some nations, and only corporate worship will break them. Seasons of extended worship will also take place as worship leaders unify together.

Worship is a major key to awakenings. Judges 5:12 describes Deborah admonishing Barak to wake up and lead away his captives. Worship and praise are doorways to revelation as well.

One important aspect during this season is to worship and declare His Majesty. The Lord showed us the importance of doing this in the rural areas in particular. This will result in superabundant crop harvests, livestock increases, and new mineral discoveries, as the land begins to respond in the manner God originally intended.

Spiritual Warfare and Intercession for the Nations

NationsDuring WWII, there were intercessors in Wales led by Rees Howells. God gave them strategies to know what to do during the battles and even what the enemy was going to do. The Lord is calling up prayer leaders to do this kind of warfare again for their nations. It is time to do spiritual warfare to see our nations come into revival and reformation. We will not change nations through solely natural means.

The room that Howells used for his prayer watches was called the “Blue Room.” Blue Room intercessors must mobilize for each nation across the world with the revelation and the authority of crisis intervention through intercession.

A Word on China

China is flexing its considerable muscle in the earth. Undercover maneuvers to destabilize banking systems will be uncovered. The nations must stand up against China’s human rights violations in order to put a check on the evil being done in this nation.

More rifts and divisions will appear in the Communist Party itself. More crackdowns will occur as the party seeks to consolidate power.

It will become a major economic power in the world by 2026. The United States will either rise up and become a nation after God’s heart or in this season, lose her greatness. This is in the balance. We need to pray for China to embrace freedom so they will be a good world leader.

A Word on Taiwan

Special prayer is needed for Taiwan at this time. China is preparing for war, and Taiwan is the first in line. If China is not stopped in its military aggression, it will gobble up Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the surrounding nations. There is a need for concerted prayer surrounding this threat.

A Word on Korea

There is a great danger of the whole Korean peninsula being gobbled up by China, as mentioned earlier. Please pray for this nation.

China, Russia, and Iran

We have been warning for some time about the alliance between these nations for an axis of evil that could produce WWIII. Pray that any alliances between these nations will not work.

A Word on the Middle East

The Abraham Accord is a visible manifestation of the Isaiah 19 prophecy of the highway of holiness. More nations will seek to join the accords. We see Satan trying to bring great devastations to the nations of the Middle East, but God has a checkmate move, as He does not want the moves of God in this region to be stopped.

Saudi Arabia will continue to experience a reformation. There is coming a day, as hard as it may be to some, that the kingdom will allow for religious freedom. You will see other nations in the region follow in a similar pattern.

A Word on Central America

Central America is leading the way for nations to move their embassies to Jerusalem. It will be evident which of these nations have the blessing of God as their economies arise.

A Word on Israel

More nations will move their embassies to Jerusalem. There will be more than a cold peace between Israel and many of its former enemies. Rather, it will be more like a warm peace. Look for some surprising turns of events in Turkey and Russia concerning Israel.

A Word on the United States

Corruption will be exposed, and the thieves brought to justice. Just when it seems there will be no justice, God will arise and surprise everyone. God has some big moves up His sleeves and some people who seemed to be coated in Teflon will be removed from office in the coming years.

The Lord is giving the Body of Christ time to turn the tide in the next election. This is critical as hyper-inflation has only begun and the policies that have been recently set in place will only cause an escalation of the nation’s economic wars. We prophesied a “Trump Bubble” for the nation that said that if Biden became the president, the economy would be stable for a season, and then pop and hyper-inflation would set in. We are there.

Nations are becoming totalitarian at an alarming rate, and we have an admonition to realize that could also happen in the US if the current administration is left unchecked. This is not about being a Republican, as there are also many things wrong with that party.

Prophets are not meant to be politically correct. We have authority to deal with the things in the nations that are against God’s word.

God has not forgotten this nation. Although the sins of the nation are great, such as abortion, His intercessors are prevailing!

The Key of Isaiah 22:22

God is finishing promises from the last generation to begin new ones. The year 2022 is going to be a year of open doors. Doors of bondage will be closed. New opportunities for jobs, wealth, business start-ups, and blessings will open, including the buying and selling of property.

There were prophecies and things you felt would happen in 2020, but they got delayed. The spirit of delay will be broken, and when the blessings manifest, they will do so with double blessings!

The number 22 is one of the most significant numbers for us today. This year signifies alignment. February 22, 2022, will see the alignment of 2222. While we are not to worship numbers, or use them as an astrological forecast, numbers are significant in scripture.

The Lord is going to do extraordinary, visible things in 2022, including things in nature, as mentioned earlier.

The Hebrew alphabet is made up of 22 letters. Jewish people will see that Jesus is the Messiah on a large scale in the coming year. In addition, this will be a “back-to-the-Bible year,” with a fresh emphasis on scripture.

The number 22 also has a special emphasis on giving and sharing. Generous giving will result in the completion of many building projects. Those who have longed to fund projects will see great increase in their finances so they can give what is in their heart to advance the Kingdom of God. This will include giving to the poor and a move towards the eradication of systemic poverty.

Jesus quoted Psalm 22 from the cross. In the midst of great pain and suffering, the persecuted church will be a beacon of light to the world.

Some nations will go from tyranny to democracy in surprising moves.

A Potent Closing Word – Limitless

Some have gotten stuck through the pain and uncertainties of the last season of the pandemic.

The ACPE warned of a virus-like sickness that would come upon the world that seemingly could not be cured. However, in the midst of this challenging time, God is going to cause us to understand that we are limitless in what we believe for from God. There will be a breakthrough of the ceilings that stopped your faith.

Faith on new levels will be critical in this season. There will be unstoppable breakthroughs. In order to manifest our God-given abilities, we must have the faith of God. There will be accelerations of our ability to feel His presence in our lives as well.

Remember, We Are Overcomers in Christ Jesus,

Cindy Jacobs, James W. Goll and the ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders)