Author’s Note: We will relive the book of Esther. The Gentiles will carry the Jewish people upon our shoulders.

We will right the wrongs of the past when the church did not stand up for the Jewish people—as in the days of the Russian pogroms and the time of the holocaust in WWII.

In the book of Esther, Haman had a plan of genocide of the entire Jewish race. But aided by the prayers and fasting of Queen Esther’s Court and Mordecai’s coaching, Haman was hung on his own gallows.

Haman is long gone, but that ancient malevolent spirit is attempting a comeback in our day.

It is as if someone has pushed a “replay” button, except for one thing: Where is Mordecai? Where is Esther? Where are the God-inspired strategies that can pull down the spirit of Haman or the anti-Semitic demonic powers?

With this in mind, below I want to share an article by my friend and son-in-the faith, Patrick Penn, of Huntsville, Alabama, who provides a startling update on today’s activity.

The Resonating Sound I Will Never Forget