Today’s world is filled with so many uncertainties! Life seems to be more like a turbulent roller coaster ride with no clear end in sight rather than a nice walk in the park.

Many things are not turning out the way we thought they would. We have a lot of choices to make in how we live our lives in the midst of on-going issues such as:

  • — COVID-19.
  • — Political unrest.
  • — Chaos and confusion
  • — Economic upheaval.
  • — Social media censorship.
  • — Values in education.

I have personally lived through a lot of uncertainty. I have felt like a boat tossed around by choppy waves and blown around by the winds of change. I knew how to pray until the bottom fell out. Then I had to adapt to the new turf. I learned to worship God in new ways. Some ways were deeper, others more stripped-down.

In fact, I discovered, you do not have to call out to Jesus in a prescribed way, using special religious language. You certainly do not have to figure out a preset pattern. When you call out to Jesus, you can bring anything to him, even your unresolved questions. This can actually be a form of radical, pure worship.

Worship God With Your Questions?