As in the days of Nehemiah, a trumpet would be sounded and the people would rally to a united cause. My friend, Patricia King, is releasing an alert for crisis intervention through intercession. I am asking God Encounters Ministries to join me in standing in the gap for such a time as this.

Please read the following article, watch the video and prayerfully consider signing up for the hour that changes the world at Consider partnering with me at the 9:00 a.m. watch.

Remember, in Jesus, we make a great team.

Critical Days Require Critical Measures With Patricia King

On June 27, 2020, I woke very early to an alert in the spirit. I arose to pray and inquire of the Lord, and He made it clear that the Church must rise to pray in this hour, as there are internal vulnerabilities within the USA that are producing dangerous, external vulnerabilities. He told me to build a Firewall Prayer Shield with layers of intercession to protect and align the USA in this critical hour and to call forth the nation’s full destiny.

In less than one week from that morning, the Firewall USA was launched with now thousands of participants.

God Responds to Four Redemptive Positions