The way of the Cross leads home and through Jesus, we each have a personal place of belonging. Our identity is not found in our giftedness but by being rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus. We need to keep the main and plain truths of the gospel central in each of our lives.

As sensitive, oriented believers, each of us needs to be a bit more like a rhinoceros—thick-skinned but with a big heart. For too long, the prophetic and prayer community has tended to be a bit too thin-skinned while carrying our big, compassionate hearts. I have learned through the peaks and the valleys of life and ministry that prophetic people just might overreact and go into isolationism, elitism or some other “ism” out of the sense of being rejected, due to the packaging of the gifting they carry. I have also found that my flow of revelation will slow to a trickle if I do not get back up when I have been knocked down.

By His Stripes We Are Healed

The truth is that Jesus was punished for our sin that we might be forgiven (see Isa. 53:9-12). He was wounded for our sicknesses that we might be healed. Isaiah 53:5 declares, “By his wounds we are healed.” He became poor for our sakes that we might have His wealth. Our Lord died that we might have His life. In fact, read all of Isaiah 53, as it is the ringing declaration of the divine exchange made on the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.