In the Spirit of Esther and Mordecai

It is time for us to pray, read, and live out the book of Esther again.  God is raising up new Mordecais who have His grace upon them to prepare the corporate Esther (the Body of believers) to do radical exploits in His name on behalf of God’s purposes amongst the Jewish people worldwide and in Israel particularly.

The Holy Spirit wants to inject the burden of the Lord for the purposes of God among the Jewish people into the global prayer movement – like a nurse with a fully loaded needle. We need a potent injection of God’s heart into our heart! That is why God wants to raise up a Mordecai anointing to prepare Esther for a time of intervention.  We know what Esther accomplished, but what was Mordecai’s task? What was his divine assignment?

Mordecai’s job was to raise up and prepare Esther for her hour of influence before the king. Mordecai raised Esther as his own daughter. He did not bow down or pay homage to Haman, who sought the destruction of the Jews, but worshipped the one true God only. He intercepted Haman’s scheme of the enemy and revealed it with wisdom to those in authority. He walked in prophetic counsel and instilled courage into Esther.

Esther, properly tutored and mentored by the counsel of Mordecai, seized the moment through prayer and fasting. Esther was anointed to intervene and stand in the gap, yet she had to walk in cooperation with the preparation of Mordecai, the spiritual authority God had placed in her life.

God chose to work through Mordecai to alert Esther to her destiny and timing of her intercessory acts on behalf of the Jews. God is looking for modern day Mordecai’s to prepare corporate Esther – His people for such a time as this!

The History of the Days of Purim

The celebration of Purim originated out of the decrees of Mordecai and Queen Esther (Esther 9:29-32). It was a time when intervention arose through desperate acts of prayer and fasting led by Queen Esther to overturn the decree for the annihilation of the Jewish people inspired by Haman. Haman’s evil plot was revealed, the tables were turned, and he was hung on his own gallows. The events took place historically roughly between 483 to 471 B.C.

According to the Jewish calendar, Purim is held in the month of Adar, which usually falls in February or March.  Purim as a Jewish holiday is observed in celebration of God’s supernatural deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman’s genocidal plot to destroy them in the time of Persia’s King Artaxerxes. The commemoration was held the 14th day of Adar in the un-walled cities and the 15th of Adar in the cities that were walled in the time of Joshua.

Moses was born in Adar. It is also the month when the Jewish leader of the Maccabees defeated the Syrians and the month when the orders were given to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem preceding the reconstruction of the Temple and first return of the Jewish people to Israel. Redemptively, the period of time known as Adar has been a time when intervention comes out of crisis.

Although Purim was founded in biblical times, its observation is not commanded by God as are the holy convocations mentioned in Leviticus 23. But, the Holy Spirit is prophetically calling believers today to participate in this special time of sacrifice in this generation.   Even as Esther called for a nationwide three-day fast preceding her intervention on behalf of the Jewish people, so I am trumpeting a sound for crisis intervention through prayer in these days. Let’s intercede once again on behalf of the Jewish people from deliverance from plot of Haman (who represents the enemy of God and His people).  Every year I call on Christians to sacrifice our time, our comfort and our agendas to undertake a three-day Esther Mandate Fast at Purim. This spiritual investment of the Worldwide Prayer Movement in the global body of Christ will not fail. It will bring about nothing less than “God’s will on earth as it is in heaven” for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

The Cry for Israel’s Sake

In the name of the Lord, I boldly and humbly call for The Cry, a yearly, three-day time of prayer and fasting corresponding with Purim. May this time of crisis intervention prayer and fasting for the purposes of God among the Jewish people and the nation of Israel arise “until Jerusalem is established as a praise in the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7).

I have a challenge for all who read this: Whose supplications will be heard? Who will lift up their voice to fill up a golden bowl in heaven (see Revelation 5:8)? Will you join me and hundreds of others?

The holiday of Purim falls on the Hebrew calendar date of Adar 14. The date in the civil calendar is March 19-20, 2011. Please note that the Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus holiday observances begin at sunset of the first secular date listed (with the Purim night Megillah reading taking place that evening), and the holiday concludes at nightfall the following day. Join me as we seek the face of God once again as a bride prepared for her king. These are the days for The Cry during Purim– an Esther Mandate Fast – a time to approach the King for intervention for such a time as this!

On the Walls for Jerusalem’s Sake!

James W. Goll