Each of us has our own personal, unique spiritual alphabet that the Holy Spirit uses to communicate with us. Just like every language has different symbols or characters representing different “sounds” – and the combination of them brings thoughts and phrases together, so the Holy Spirit will bring a sequence of symbols to us that together form a language we learn over time. Here are some tips taken from my book Dream Language and my study guide Exploring the Gift and Nature of Dreams that will help you in learning your personal spiritual alphabet.


In the majority of cases, the people who appear in your dreams are symbolic in nature. There are three main ways of interpreting these dreams:

    1. Who is this person in relation to you?
    2. What does the person’s name mean?
    3. What character trait or calling do they represent to you?
  1. Tips for Understanding the People Who Appear in your Dreams:
    1. A man or woman of God in your life would most probably represent a message being delivered.
    2. An untrustworthy person in your past could indicate a coming situation that should not be trusted.
    3. A healing evangelist (prophetic person, etc.) represents a healing grace coming your way.
    4. A husband in dreams often represents Christ Jesus drawing ever so near to you.
    5. Getting married in dreams typically speaks of growing intimacy with God.
    6. Dreams with dead people in them speak of the common sentiment attached to those deceased loved ones. These are not indications that you are “crossing over” and actually visiting the person from the past to receive guidance.
    7. Dreams of Presidents and people in authority are often a call to pray for national events and leaders.
    8. A faceless man often appears in dreams and is an indication of the Holy Spirit or possibly even angels in one’s life.


  1. Various Schools of Thought on Dreams of Sexual Content
    These understandings take the following forms:

    1. A spiritual call to greater intimacy
    2. A warning of the need of cleansing of attitudes of the mind, motives of the heart, and/or even acts of immorality
    3. A calling or joining of union with another person or people group
    4. Natural body dreams containing the biological and physical desires that are common to most people
  2. Sexual Encounters
    To properly understand these dreams consider the following questions:

    1. Is it the same sex? Is it the opposite sex? (Much of the church world breeds only after their own kind – and multiplication comes from sowing your seed into those who are opposite of you.)
    2. Is it an old love or new one? (This could indicate what you are currently passionate about.)
    3. Does this person seem to take the place of the Lord?
    4. Does this dream leave you feeling dirty or clean?
    5. Are you and or the others naked in a dream?
      (Transparency is a good thing. But often in these dreams everyone can see what is going on in your life. These dreams are not to embarrass you but to encourage you in your vulnerability with others.)
  3. Different Views from Noted Authors
    1. From Dreams and Visions by Dr. Joe Ibojie
      “Sex in a dream suggests that you are probably making, or about to make, decisions based on a carnal nature. In scripture, God frequently uses sexual immorality as an allegory for unfaithfulness, or deviation form spiritual truth. Frequent experience of sex in dreams speaks of carnality, but it also indicates a hidden, unbroken stronghold of lust. Rape indicates violation of the dreamer’s person or integrity, and this must be averted in prayer.”
    2. From Parables in the Night Season by Joy Parrott
      “God is not a prude and He may give you some dreams that will have you sure they couldn’t be from Him, yet they are. Of course, many of these will not be divine, especially if we continue to walk in the things of this world and satisfy our fleshly desires. Yet God has recorded some risqué things in the scripture which confirms that He is not a prude. In the book of Ezekiel, God refers to Jerusalem, His people, as harlots! In Hosea, God tell the prophet Hosea to marry a prostitute as a prophetic drama of His unconditional love for His people. God told Isaiah to run around naked for three years prophesying to everything in sight! Such examples show that God isn’t concerned about offending us or sparing our “holy ears” from hearing such things. He is going to speak in a language that we will understand.”


  1. From Dreams by Mark Rutland
    “Believers must, of course, be cautious when seeking to understand dreams and even more prudent when acting on them. There is no substitute for wisdom and discernment in dream interpretation, and prayer is crucial to developing them. Believers should commit their subconscious minds of the Lord as well as their waking thoughts, and then seek from God, in earnest prayer, understanding for the visions of the night.”
  2. What Language Do You Speak? 1 Cor. 13:1 –
    “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels…”
    We each have a personal walk and in a sense a personal talk. Our spiritual alphabet, though similar, is unique with each individual. Journaling is a tool that will be used to capture your distinct pictures, grant understanding over time and give wisdom for the journey. The Holy Spirit will guide you into truth, keep things safe and yet adventurous, pure, yet unreligious.
  3. Three Methods of Interpreting
    1. Use the dictionary and Bible to interpret words and symbols. Find the meaning in previous recordings of literature. See Kevin Conner’s book Interpreting Symbols and Types. This is the best beginning way to interpret.
    2. Learn through journaling your own dreams and growing in your personal spiritual alphabet. We each have a language and a unique vocabulary. Whatever your language is, the Holy Spirit will speak to you in that language.
    3. By the anointing, gifts and presence of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Closing Thought to Help Us Understand the Nature of Dreams
    “Dreams do not explain the future – the future will explain the dreams.”

I trust this saying will help you as a small tool. Please note, I have a new book called Exploring Your Dreams and Visions – Your Personal Revelatory Journal that has been put together to teach you how to journal.  It will help you become a good steward of your revelation and be able to grow in your process of interpreting, and bringing proper applications to your own life and sphere of influence.

James W. Goll