In every generation, God raises up dread champions who have a “Voice that Can Be Heard”—these messengers carry a clear sound, marked by integrity and the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Revelation, favor and authentic authority rests up on their lives and words.

I remember clearly when ministering on Dec. 12, 2015, at Life Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that the Holy Spirit apprehended me and stated, “This is not your season to birth, it is your season to father.” As I continued to worship He continued to speak. “You must identify, empower and release other leaders into spheres of your ministry.” I knew I had just heard the Holy Spirit give my next marching orders, and instantly, I knew some of the action steps to take.

One of our clear goals must include the joining of the generations. This is when the wisdom of the older generation is joined with the resources of the middle generation, which is then coupled with the zeal of the younger generation. In other words—three generations in one generation working together. Words and phrases such as “lineage,” “legacy,” “heritage,” “divine inheritance” and even “going for the double” are not just the latest spiritual buzzwords. They are an authentic burden from the Lord to see progressive momentum take place.