A flurry of prophetic words have come forth concerning the Kansas City Chiefs’ win in Super Bowl LIV, including Bob Jones’ word from the 1980s. After much prayer and contemplation, I felt it would be good to add my personal prophetic perspective to the composite of words being released.

You may wonder, Why another word on this subject?

At this point and time in my life, I feel I am one of the voices that can help to bridge the recent “prophetic past” to the present and into the future. One of the mandates upon my life—confirmed to me in several near-death experiences—is to be a voice of prophetic reason in a tumultuous age.

Yes, I had a lot of personal history in the 1980s and 1990s with seer parabolic prophet, Bob Jones. He emerged on the scene with his eyes all aglow with heaven’s message and his socks hanging down to his ankles.

There was no one quite like Jones! He not only talked in parables; he was one.