Jesus did His first public miracle at the wedding of Canna of Galilee (see John 2:1-11). He took the ordinary and made it extraordinary. He took the natural and made it supernatural. He took a crisis and brought forth a solution. He made a potential mess into a message. Jesus moved the attendees from the expected into the unexpected. Messiah Jesus did not have the first word at the wedding feast, instead He demonstrated the Last Word. Jesus saved and served the Best Wine for a Lasting Impact!

Best_WineThe “Convergence of the Ages” is upon us when once again Jesus saves and serves the Best at the Last.

Defining a Convergence

The Holy Spirit has been highlighting the word “Converge” in recent days. It is a current word that is appearing in both the business community and the church world. It is a Kingdom word for our times. It is the time of the Divine Convergence! It is the bringing together of different components so that the sum of the parts brought together is greater in value than as separate individual pieces or perspectives.

Converge: to bend, incline; to move toward one point together; to come together and unite in interest or focus.

Convergence: the act of moving toward union; movement of two eyes resulting in impingement of a point on corresponding retinal areas.

Three distinct stages: 1) Inflow 2) Convergence and 3) Outflow.

The Holy Spirit orchestrates a flow of different gifts and views flowing towards a common goal. Then a convergence occurs where the elements are brought into focus and purpose. After this transpires, there is often a period of shifting again where the issue of control is tested and parts are disassembled for the divine purposes of scattering the seed and creating an outflow of the resources.

The New Wine Will Be Found in the Cluster

This is not like the past where the thought was, “Let’s all go to Pensacola, or Toronto, or Lakeland, or Kansas City or Charlotte, London, Redding, Brazil or South Africa.” No! Instead the Holy Spirit is moving upon many geographical locations, many congregations and ministries, with great diversity and empowerment all at the same time! Praise the Lord!

Isaiah 65:8 – Thus says the Lord, “As the new wine is found in the cluster – and one says, ‘Do not destroy it for there is benefit in it.'”

This is a fresh form of Team Ministry Today! What I seeing taking place in these new moves of the Holy Spirit breaking out is something different. It is not centered around one person. It is not centered around one church or ministry. It is not centered around one geographical sphere. It is not centered around just one Apostolic Hub. It is not centered around one manifestation.

It is a time of both New Wine and New Wineskins. Mark 2:22 states, “No one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the wine will burst the skins, and the wine is lost and the skins as well; but one puts new wine into fresh wineskins.” It is a time when Prophetic Revelation cooperates with Apostolic Application.

These times require a fresh understanding of covenant relationships and community as this generation arises out of self-centered individualistic ministry mindsets and seeks the common good of the Body of Christ. Divine Alliances are being formed resulting in greater progress being accomplished.

This fresh work of the Holy Spirit is occurring as the “cluster anointing” comes to pass when the new wine skins are formed to hold and pour out the new wine of His contagious presence.

Characteristics of the Convergence

This New Wine carries with it the Best of ingredients of the Past to usher us into the Greater Presence and Anointing. The ingredients include the manifestation of the Pentecostal Fire, the Healing and Deliverance Crusades, the Latter Rain Glory Realm, the Evangelical Burden for the Lost, the Charismatic Gifts, the Jesus People Zeal, the Third Wave Theological Credibility, the Revelation of the Prophetic Movement and the relational networking of the Apostolic Reformation.

These graces shall all merge together into a tidal wave that will be greater than the impact of the “Great Reformation” of 500 years ago. We are living in the times of the beginning of a historic 4th Wave carrying the distinctive of “transformation.” We will shift from a short-timers mind set into building in such a manner that we leave behind a lineage and legacy.

Wave_640This will ultimately create what could be called The Great Transformation.

Today we are living in the “Convergence of the Ages.” The Holy Spirit is taking the best of all the anointing of the movements of the past and bringing these ingredients together for such a time as this. Today we have the greatest Global Prayer Movement, Schools of the Supernatural abound, we have Fathers and Mothers and Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the faith to help guide the coming generations. Today we have “new wine” and “new wineskins” prepared for the Harvest!

It is Harvest Time once again. Let’s believe that something greater than the Jesus People Movement is coming forth. It is the time for the Joining of the Generations. It is time!

Ten Characteristics of the Convergence of the Ages

  1. Joining and Honoring the Generations
    The wisdom of the older, the resources of the middle-aged, and the zeal of the younger cooperating together.
  2. Partnering of the Genders with Ethnic Diversity
    Men and women and people of all backgrounds leading and ministering together.
  3. Developing Character and Wisdom to Carry the Gift
    The fruit, wisdom and gifts of the Spirit all working together.
  4. Cultivating God’s Heart for Israel and the Nations
    Keeping the apple of God’s eye central in our hearts and prophetic perspective.
  5. Valuing Team Ministry and Community
    Relational, not just functional – all 5-fold gifts serving one another!
  6. Embracing the Variety of Prophetic Expressions
    The seer and the prophet; the congregation and the marketplace; the church gathered and the church scattered.
  7. Merging the Prophetic and Intercessory Streams
    Calling forth the purposes of God by praying the prophetic promises into being!
  8. Ushering in God’s Presence through Prophetic Worship and the Arts
    Modeling creative displays of lavish affection to Jesus – the lover of our souls.
  9. Activating the Unique Prophetic Grace of Each Believer
    Stirring up the prophetic gift to fulfill our part of Jesus’ Great Commission.
  10. Cultivating God’s Heart of Justice for the Poor
    Channeling marketplace resources towards orphans, widows and the oppressed.

We are shifting into a time when the Shadow of the Almighty falls and this supernatural culture of the Holy Spirit moves equipped believers in the church to GO into the world impacting every sphere of life, marketplace, government and every sphere of influence all for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

May My Ceiling Become Your Floor!

James W. Goll