It’s time to dust off your dreams! Even if you’ve lived through some disappointments or disillusionment related to the dreams of your heart, I want you to know this: It is better to risk and have a life filled with some hope versus being someone who has no dreams fulfilled at all.

So roll the dice, take the risk, and dare to believe again! Dust off your dreams!

Here Comes the Dreamer

My theme verse for you comes from Genesis 37:19, in the context of Joseph and his brothers. “Behold, here comes the dreamer.” Genesis 37:19. The first time his brothers said this, it was in a mocking manner. Then, after some time, they said this once again, but this time in a rather encouraging manner. Here is the word they said to him, “Here comes the dreamer.” Wow! Here comes the dreamer.

Sometimes we label people. Sometimes we label ourselves in ways that are not encouraging at all, like “that guy is full of fantasy.” That person has “got a pipe dream.” But you know, you’re never too old to dream! And I have had several dreams. With some of them, I have had to deal with a lot of disappointment. But recently, I have had the honor of fulfilling some dreams. So, dust off your dreams!

Dreams of Your Heart

In my transparent book, Tell Your Heart to Sing Again, I have a chapter entitled, “Let God Put a Dream in Your Heart.” This chapter starts of by stating, “‘God gave me another dream!’ The 17-year-old Joseph explained to his eleven brothers, as they gathered in the early morning light before heading out to the day’s task. ‘Let me tell you all about it.’” 

God uses a refining process with all of us. Joseph had received a powerful dream from God, but had not yet been through this refining process. As you reexamine the dreams of your heart, it is important to work with God’s refining process (and something called “timing”). Sometimes it feels like there have been so many delays, but in the process, you must not forget about your dreams.

Recently, I’ve been living this out in my own life. So I’ve had a dream!

I’m Living Out a Generational Dream

In fact, I just realized about a month ago that my dream to be a singer was implanted in me from youth by my earthly father. I can see it now—our family in a little house in Cowgill, Missouri watching on a little black and white television set. Later, I remember when we got our first color television, and it was like omni-vision overnight!

Choir at Ocean WayWhen I was a little boy, I remember my dad saying to me when we watched the Lawrence Welk Television Show, “I want you to go to Nashville and be a singer.” Somehow those simple words of my earthly father were deposited deep inside of me.

Recently the impact and memory of my fathers words dawned on me, when I was preparing for and then actually recording vocals for my new album with a 24-voice choir and filming the music video at the Ocean Way Studio A, one of the state-of-the-art facilities in Nashville, Tennessee. The night before, my producer and I were at the David Davidson String Studio listening to the rapturous sounds of violins, violas, and cellos. And it started settling in. I sighed something like, “Oh my goodness, this isn’t even fully my dream. I’m fulfilling my father’s dream for my life. I am recording! What?! I’m living my father’s dream?!

When the recording session was over, Walt and Julie Meyer from Santa Maria, CA had been staying at my home in Franklin, TN. Julie was given a dream in the morning after this entire event. Julie wrote, “Walt and I were staying at James Goll’s home, as we were part of recording the vocals for the video for the song, Christmas Miracle. Bob Jones appeared in my vivid dream, and James was in the dream too. Papa Bob Jones says, “What is needed is that we never give up on love. We never give up on faithfulness and never give up on friendship. And you never give up on your dreams.”

Never Give Up on Your Dreams!

Wow, what a dream. How timely and confirming! I say to you, “Never give up on God’s love. Remain faithful and steadfast in your friendship with Jesus and with others. Dust off your dreams! Never, Never, Never, give up on your dreams!” 

Let it be said of you, “Here Comes the Dreamer!”

James W. Goll

Tell Your Heart to Sing Again bookIf you want to dust off your dreams and learn to live from a place of hope, you’ll love James W. Goll’s book, Tell Your Heart to Sing Again. This book will give you powerful tools to fulfill the dreams of your heart and move forward into a meaningful life filled with purpose and destiny.