Does God have emotions?

Yes, He does! And did you know that you can experience the emotions of God?

Of course, God doesn’t have fickle feelings and whimsical moods, nor is He influenced unduly by the condition of the world He has created. You can be sure that He never experiences “prophetic mood swings”, either.

God does not sit in heaven worrying over our earthly condition, wringing His hands with sweaty palms. I don’t believe there is ever a conversation within the Godhead where something is said along the lines of, “Oh My, what are We going to do?”

Yet, in Scripture, we see that God takes delight. He experiences gladness and joy. He is lavishly and lovingly generous.

His protective instinct is often aroused, and He goes to battle on behalf of those in need. He comforts. He is sympathetic and relatable, tolerant and patient.