Today I want to give you an encouragement. Whether you are a man or woman, young or old. You can be part of the company being raised up today of those who will proclaim the word of the Lord. But I particularly want to focus on empowering women today!

In the New King James version, Psalm 68:11 says, “The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it.”

As powerful as this is, the New American Standard Version 1995 (as well as the Amplified Bible), provide a different rendering of this verse, “The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good news are a great host.”

The Lord gives the command, the women who proclaim—not just the company, but it’s describing in detail who this company is. This is a more accurate translation. The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good news—the good tidings—are a great host.

Father, thank you for the days in which we live. I am asking you to breathe upon Psalm 68:11 so it will be an encouragement and a word of inspiration, that it will empower men and women, old and young, to be a part of the great company that will bring in the Great Harvest, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Kansas City History

40 years ago, back in 1983, Mike Bickle called a Joel’s army fast for 21 days on May 7th to May 28th. As a young pastor of around 30 years old, my little team and I led 21 nights of worship and prayer at our church called Harvest Fellowship Church. I was touched by an angel on the 19th night in worship and Michal Ann was standing by me and singing on the platform. I got words of knowledge and the beginning of some supernatural activity.

During that week, Michal Ann and I went to Kansas City for a leaders’ meeting that Mike Bickle called. While there, we met a senior prophet named Bob Jones and he laid hands upon Michal Ann who was now expecting our first child miraculously, because it was impossible for us have children. From that day forward, I started walking in ministry with Bob Jones.

40 years later, we are moving into the fulfillment of many of the prophetic words that got released during that period. We are stepping over into the beginning of the Great Harvest.

Empowering Women Today

Today I want to build on that. For decades I studied on the topic of whether women should speak in church or be in ministry. And I know there are a lot of doctrinal and theological differences in the body of Christ out there. I have read so many books on this subject. And here is a basic conclusion I found. When it’s harvest time, the arguments cease.

You need to hear this. When it’s harvest time, the arguments cease on who God can use—because we need all the laborers we can get. Because if we do not use all the laborers we can get, the harvest can rot in the fields.

I make an appeal right now. Let’s empower whoever will volunteer freely. 60% of the members of the body of Christ are women. 80% of the intercessors in the body of Christ are women. So let’s empower the women because they are a great company.

Run, Women, Run!Run, Women of God, Run!

In the 1920s, it was harvest time and out comes Amy Semple McPherson. I don’t believe she had a goal of starting a denomination—the Foursquare Gospel Church. But guess what? The Foursquare Gospel denomination is glad she did. I’m sure Jack Hayford, who just went home to be with the Lord, was glad she stepped to the plate. As a Pentecostal denomination, I believe the Foursquare Gospel Church is one of the most integrous with one of the most solid doctrinal stances. And it is founded by a woman.

And I don’t know that her goal was to be an apostle, but she is. And when its harvest time, people don’t argue.

When it was harvest time in the late 1960s, people really didn’t argue much about Katherine Kuhlman. They argued about her style, but they didn’t argue much about her fruit, about her miracles.

When Joan Hunter steps to the plate and heals the root of trauma others have experienced, people don’t argue about the fruit because she heals the root of trauma so fast. I’ve never seen anything like the way she does it. And then healings happen.

I could give you so many great examples today of empowered women.

Go, Faytene Grasseschi, take a political mountain as well as a media mountain!

Run, Cindy Jacobs, who ministers to more people of influence than almost any leader in the body of Christ today.

Run, Patricia King, and make influence in the media mountain.

Go, go, go, CeCe Winans, and win every godly award.

You can run, run, run—next generation leaders. Jesse Green and Ana Werner, Run, run, run, run. Alex Sealey, run, run, run. Lisa Bevere, a hot fiery brand of God. Run, run.

All these new brands of singers, run for God. Run for purity. Run, empowered women, run!

But the point is, when it’s harvest time, there is no argument on the women’s right to preach the gospel. Look at it in history. There isn’t.

I’m here to say it’s harvest time and I’m not here to say anything about violating scripture, but I am here to say it’s harvest time and let’s empower women to preach the gospel in Jesus’ name.

Prayer of Empowering

Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you this day, volunteering myself to be your arms, your feet, your hands to hurting and needy people. I want to embrace your heart for the poor, the orphan and the widow. I want to offer to you the field you have given me, that you would show me how to help provide for those who are less fortunate. Lord, I ask you to speak to me, lead me into the avenues of service that I am to engage in. Lord, according to James 1:5, give me the wisdom I need to move forward; connect me with the people I need to network with. Today I make a commitment in my heart, with my mouth, to show you and the world my faith, by my works—because I love you, and I know that you so love me! In Jesus’ name, amen!

Empowering Women Today!

James W. Goll

This article uses material from “Day 40: Become Empowered Today” in James W. & Michal Ann Goll’s 40-Day Devotional: Empowered Women: Fearless & Free.

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