Did You Know That the Stars Speak?

They did in Abraham’s day! The creator of the universe gave a direct and amazing word to one of his friends. He told him to go out and count the number of stars that lit up the sky at night. Imagine, counting the stars at night!

So, what did Abraham do? He went out and started counting the stars! I suppose it went something like this. After telling his wife, Sarah, good night, Abraham goes on a long walk in the evening air, pondering and peering into the heavens. In obedience, he begins to count the stars while talking to himself and God. “One, two… four… twenty-seven… forty-five… one hundred and fifty-five… two thousand and six-two, uh, uh, uh…”

God Creates Light“Wow, count the stars?! What do you mean, I cannot count the number of stars – they seem so limitless.”

The Lord replied, “Abraham – count the stars.” Perplexed a bit as he attempts to mentally perceive what the man upstairs could mean by this strange command, Abraham continues in his quest of following the unseen voice. “Three thousand, seven hundred and… oh, I forgot – where was I? Oh, where did that one come from? Wow, it sure is shining brightly!”

The Promise Revealed

The voice comes again, but this time offering some inside explanation. “The number of the stars will be the number of your descendants.” “What, huh? Did You know that Sarah and I have been married for a long time and we don’t have any fruit – let alone… Well, You know that, uh… Well, you know, right? So I don’t mean to underestimate You, but what You are saying is impossible! But I guess You already know that, right? Whatever!”

But the voice of the Master persisted, “Count the stars. How many are there?”

Yes, the stars spoke to Abraham. Perhaps for a while, the voice of the stars haunted him as he would go out night after night staring into the realm of the impossible. But somewhere along the way, something changed. Did the circumstances change? No, well, not yet at least. What changed then? Abraham, like the rest of us, went from mentally assessing to heart believing. It’s the typical path of 18 inches from head evaluation to a heart of faith trusting in the One who promises.

He Calls the Stars by NameSomehow God’s dream seeped into Abraham’s heart. After many trials and tests and errors, Abraham reached a place when he went out at night and rejoiced when he looked up! “Yes, there’s a promise. Yes, that one is for me. That star is declaring that God’s Word will come true! In fact, that glimmering light right there is saying to me, the promises of God are ‘Yes and Amen!'”

Yes, the Stars Still Speak

You know the rest of the story. It is a piece of history that has affected us all. You see, God is a dreamer and He is looking for people who will dream His dreams with Him.

In every generation, dreamers arise. They think outside of man-made boxes and dare to forge ahead. Today a new breed of dreamers is arising. They not only talk of things to come – they call the promises into being in the here and now. They not only believe God has a dream, but they dare to believe God has invited them to partner with Him in the birthing of His dreams on the earth – as it is in heaven.

Added on top of that, these Abrahamic faith dreamers also believe God wants to partner with them in the fulfilling of their dreams. Really? Yes, a company of reformers are emerging across the face of the earth. They not only believe in God’s big end-time harvest, but they believe they have a part to play in the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

Yes, these believing believers are watching their dreams come to pass right in front of their very own eyes. They are living their dreams.

Behold, here comes another dreamer! Will you join the growing throng?

Yes, the stars continue to speak! Are you counting?

Dreaming with God!

James W. Goll

The Lifestyle of a WatchmanThis material is taken in part from the “Reading for Day 1” in The Lifestyle of a Watchman book by James W. Goll.