“The Third Great Awakening has Begun. The Third Great Awakening HAS BEGUN!”

It was Purim 2010. A scroll from heaven appeared before James Goll, with the words above inscribed in blazing amber. This declaration by James shook my very being. Because my wife Jolene and I have not only prayed for this new move of awakening, we have invested our lives to see it released.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the same day James prophesied, an earthquake measuring 8.8 in the richter scale shook the nation of Chile. The closest town to the epicenter was Santiago, which in Spanish means “St. James.”

Can’t make that up! For this reason, “St. James” is how I refer to my friend and mentor today.

Characteristics of God’s New Move

Why would Heaven’s announcement of a new move of awakening be accompanied by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake… on Purim? Clearly God was conveying something. You probably know how Purim commemorates Esther’s courageous stand to preserve her people. Scripture also makes clear that when heaven’s bowls are poured out, earthquakes often accompany the release (Rev. 8:5).

But this one discovery stopped me in my tracks. James saw a vision of a scroll, with decree from the Throne announcing God’s new move. Esther 8:8 actually speaks of a decree written on a scroll, sealed from the throne with the king’s signet ring.

Again… can’t make that up!

Through this prophetic experience, I believe the Lord was conveying characteristics of a new move of God we have all been longing for. This move is truly an awakening, a glory stream that will sweep multitudes into the Kingdom. God is also emphasizing how, at the core of this new move, we are being compelled by the Spirit to stand before our King on behalf of Israel-both His covenant land and people.

Here’s some good news we might not have fully perceived. As a hallmark of this awakening, we will see powerful expressions of governmental authority which will even shift the course of nations.

In Esther 8:8, Babylon’s Jewish queen was given authority to write a decree against the enemies of her people:

“Now you write to the Jews as you see fit, in the king’s name, and seal it with the king’s signet ring; for a decree which is written in the name of the king and sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked” (Esther 8:8).

Friends, Esther’s invitation is yours today. Like the queen, you are being summoned before the King to present your case, and receive a Throne Room verdict. Heaven and earth will then be mobilized to enforce your decree. And just as with Purim, multitudes will find God’s preservation and blessing as we learn to operate in this covenantal, royal authority now being granted to each one of us.

Crown & Throne

The Lord has given the phrase “Crown & Throne” to describe His new expression of Kingdom authority. Our mutual friend Rick Ridings, founder of the 24/7 Succat Hallel in Jerusalem, declared the phrase while prophesying about God’s new move in Washington DC.

As I say in Isaiah 19 when I come on a cloud swiftly the idols and the gods of Egypt will tremble before me… And in these next ten years, as I have restored the “harp and the bowl,” I am going to further restore now the walking with the “throne and the crown.” I’m going to restore to My people walking in governmental intercessory, kingly authority. That what you proclaim on earth shall be that which you have already heard proclaimed in heaven! –Rick Ridings, Washington DC, January 2012.

Crown and Throne. This sounds like Esther’s invitation, doesn’t it? Sounds like your invitation as well. The phrase itself is taken from the Apostle John’s encounter with God, chronicled in the Book of Revelation:

“Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a Throne was standing in heaven, and One sitting on the Throne… And around the Throne were 24 thrones. And upon the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white garments, and golden crowns on their heads” (Revelation 4:2,4).

The beloved apostle saw 24 elders, sitting on thrones surrounding the very Throne of God. These elders wore crowns on their heads, representing their qualification to rule from these thrones. It is these very elders who come before the Throne with “a harp and golden bowls, full of incense” (Rev. 5:8). This is where the term “harp and bowl,” which connotes a flow of spontaneous worship and intercession, comes from.

Two Earthquakes Prophesy!

Want to hear something wild? Rick’s word gave definition to a reality that had already been released. Because just a few months before, on August 23, 2011, an earthquake measuring 5.8 on the richter scale shook Washington DC. Idols toppled-quite literally-from the National Cathedral. The Washington Monument even cracked in this earthquake.

Please understand this. Through two earthquakes, the Lord thundered two scriptures that define this emerging Crown and Throne movement. Revelation 5:8 defines the joining of “harp and bowl” worship with “crown and throne” authority. And Esther 8:8 defines your invitation to receive God’s verdict-and see multitudes preserved!

You just cannot make this stuff up.

Crown & Throne Breakthrough

In the past few years we have been privileged to taste just a little of this “Crown & Throne” authority. The nation has shifted, and multitudes have quite literally been preserved!

Babies, I mean. Last year, God asked us to take a stand for breakthrough regarding abortion. On January 22, 2013-the 40th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court verdict Roe v Wade-God made clear to us He was rendering judgment regarding abortion in America.

I was stunned to discover Exodus 1:22, where Pharaoh mandated that every male Jewish baby be killed! Pharaoh was a dictator empowered by idolatry, who yielded to demonic influences motivating him to enslave and murder God’s covenant people. And on 1-22-1973, America’s legacy of abortion was somehow twined in with this brutality, tied to Egyptian idolatry.

Just as Esther was called to the court of her king, so we were being summoned to the Court of the Lord! And just as Esther 8:8 conveys, our King even called us to write and declare a verdict He had given to preserve His chosen people-even in the womb.

What was the verdict? LIFE. You can read the full “Life Decree” on our website. But the Lord showed us very clearly He was judging the idolatry at the core of abortion. And in the Court of Heaven, He granted us an annulment of the covenant with demonic principalities that were being empowered through this ceaseless bloodshed of abortion. According to Isaiah 28, our covenant with death is annulled!

Between January and Passover 2013, Jolene and I worked with other leaders in the HAPN and RPN national prayer networks to pray and deliver God’s verdict onsite at every abortion clinic in each of our 50 states. The results were unprecedented.

Miraculous Results

Please keep in mind that millions have protested abortion over these forty years. Oceans of tears have been shed, and cries for justice have been prayed 24/7 to end this horrific injustice. But the manifestations of answered prayers have been somewhat limited.

At least until 2013, when God rendered His judgment on the idolatry behind abortion. Then all the sudden, the tide began to turn! By the end of the year, a record-breaking 87 surgical abortion clinics had shut their doors. Imagine how many precious lives this represents!

And in a governmental shift literally without precedence, in 2013 legislatures in 22 states rewrote their abortion laws to further restrict the practice. Friends, that’s almost half the states in our nation.

Heaven’s Court rendered judgment, and a nation changed. Not coincidentally, a courtroom abortion trial was concurrently used by God to awaken the conscience of our nation. Kermit Gosnell, whose practice was located in inner-city Philadelphia, would regularly perform “late-term abortions” after mothers had delivered their babies. Inducing labor was safer, he determined, than putting the babies to death within their mothers’ wombs. The Gosnell trial exposed to the nation both the horrors of the practice, and the lack of accountability by state government that permitted these atrocities to occur. The verdict from heaven and earth: GUILTY!

Answered Prayer-Two Keys

My point here is not to point out the horrific injustice of abortion-primarily because I can’t continue writing with tears in my eyes. God heard each and every one of the millions of prayers and tears offered before His Throne. And He is answering each and every one with breakthrough.

Why did things shift so dramatically? Let me submit to you two things. First, after 40 years God determined it was time to render national judgment on American abortion. God literally summoned intercessors to stand in Heaven’s Court. Like Esther, God compelled us to present our case and then receive, write and declare His verdict.

Second, the Lord compelled us specifically address the idolatry tied to abortion. And over the past few years, receiving God’s judgment against idolatry has catalyzed every one of the unprecedented breakthroughs we’ve been privileged to witness. Without fail.

God Judges and Makes War

I’m going to make a statement here that’s so controversial it mandates being established by Scripture. But once you grasp this concept, the sky’s the limit in your potential to bring Heaven to earth-and see multitudes impacted by God’s justice, preservation and salvation.

Ready? Lets look at Revelation 19:11, one of the greatest spiritual warfare passages in the Bible. “And I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse. He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war…” (Rev. 19:11).

Note that first God judges… and then He makes war! This means that receiving answers to prayer is not achieved so much by the brute force of spiritual conflict as it is by legal precedent. Adding more prayers to your current stash does not necessarily guarantee an answer. Nor does adding fasting to your intercession, though all this is helpful. But more often than not, you must partner with the Lord to receive His verdict, overcoming the legal access the enemy has to hinder and delay.

Receive His Verdict!

Friends, this is the opportunity presented to you. In this Crown and Throne movement, the King of the universe is summoning you to stand in His Court and present your case. He will then render judgment, releasing the armies of heaven to enforce His verdict on your behalf!

In this new move of the Spirit, I challenge you to follow Esther’s lead. Become more familiar with the court of your King. Write your appeal to heaven, and receive your judgment in favor of the saints! I promise, your world will never be the same.

Purim-Deliverance from the Usurper

Now prophetically, Purim is being emphasized by Holy Spirit very strongly this year. Usurpers after the order of Haman are again causing Israel-the land and people- to face an existential threat. As the Bride of Christ, we are being summoned to embrace our ambassadorial identity, and stand before the Lord on their behalf!

Prophetically, I believe the preservation not just of Israel but of nations is at stake. At the same time, as James prophesied over Purim 2010, a glory stream of global awakening and deliverance is now at our gates! It is time for you to make a courageous stand and take your place in this new move.

And as you stand on behalf of His dream, watch how the Lord will deliver you and your family this year. Like the days of Esther, it is now time to see the usurper exposed and restrained, and a covenant people preserved!

Jon Hamil

Jon & Jolene Hamill lead Lamplighter Ministries, with a focus on breakthrough and awakening in America and the nations. Their first book “Crown and Throne” has just been released. They currently reside on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. For more information, see www.lamplighterministries.net