Revival depends on repentance. Repentance requires conviction of sin. Bringing conviction of sin to individual men and women is a vital aspect of the Holy Spirit’s ministry.

Many believers have written and preached and taught about the multifaceted ministry of the Holy Spirit but I believe that His ministry of bringing the conviction of sin has often been neglected.

Revival Results from Conviction

Watch out when the Spirit comes into your world with conviction “concerning sin and righteousness and judgment” (John 16:8, ESV)!

His conviction is irresistible, both positive and negative senses. He will put His mighty thumb down hard on your self-important sin and He will cause you to see it as you have never seen it before — as utterly offensive in the light of the perfection of your Creator.

He will also supply you with supernatural grace so that you can respond properly, even to a crushing revelation. For your sake, and far beyond what you deserve, He brings the overwhelming love of God to bear against your sin, forgiving you and pulling you up out of it.

He doesn’t come to destroy you; He comes to save you.